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October 21 is Belly Bomber Bingo at the VA Hospital, 6 p.m. Helpers always welcome.

November 9 is the Annual Veteran’s Day Parade starting at noon sharp at Lafayette and E. Tremont avenues and ending with a ceremony at Veteran’s Memorial Park.

November 14, 7 p.m. we’ll have our County Military Ball at Villa Baorne Manor.


The Community

If you don’t want me writing all sorts of stuff about why the crowds are so sparse on Veteran’s Day (and the usual  attempt at teary-eyed guilt trips), please made an effort to march, or be on the sidelines for a few moments out of the day. The I can write nice stuff.

Copy That on E. Tremont Avenue (by Tally-Ho) was a big help and would like to continue helping with veterans events. Check him out for your copy needs.

Around The Post

The next meeting of Korony Post 253 will be at the Turner Club, third Sunday, October 23, at 11 a.m.

Thanks to Linda’s Place for a sidewalk spot for the SAL Band and photo op for local officials and for donating their remaining merchant fair supplies as fun-table give-aways for Support the Troops Bingo coming soon at Post 620. We gave away some patriotic coloring books to passing families and got to put away a few dollars for a rainy day.

Around The Media

Remember our electronic media – Korony253, a Yahoo group – the American Legion online, Linda’s Place Bx.com, with veterans discounts soon.

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