Knowing the Score

It’s about 3 a.m. in the morning on Sunday, July 20, and I just got back from a bar bash in Manhattan, as my girlfriend Kristy raised money for breast cancer awareness in preparation for the big two-day Avon walk this October. 

I have to hand it to her.  Not even 30, she suffers from a serious case of arthritis, but that has not stopped her from training just as seriously for this 36-mile journey. 

She set out yesterday morning for a 10-mile walk and when I eventually woke up, I decided to walk in support, heading down to Pelham Bay Park, where I proceeded to walk for four miles – that’s about 16 times around the track – and then decided to give up.  I blame it on the heat, as it felt like well over 100-degrees out there and here I was wearing a black shirt daring the sun not to kill me slowly.  Yea…I blame the heat, but in truth, it was probably old age that did me in. 

I am going to turn 32 in just a few short weeks and I already feel like I have reached an age where I feel pain so easily. 

A week prior, Kristy and I played wiffle ball against my older sister and her friend at Loreto Park.  Kristy and I won, thanks to my pitching supremacy, but the next day, I felt like a loser.  I could barely get out of bed and there was a part of me that wanted to cry.  What happened? 

Remember when we were younger and we’d play wiffle ball on the street, taking breaks as cars passed, but willing to go at it all night if we had to; or when the lights were on for a softball game and it meant we could play basketball until at least 10 p.m. despite having been there since 10 a.m.? 

I swear during those moments, despite knowing that I would have to get a real job when I graduated college, I thought I would always find a way to play basketball until the wee hours of the night.  Now, I pass by Loreto Park, watching kids half my age doing things I could only imagine doing, and all I have left are the memories. 

I know there are others who feel the same way, knowing that in order to relive those memories, we’re just going to have to get back into shape, and it doesn’t mean just lifting weights.  That’s actually easy…it’s time to get off the bench and onto the treadmill.  At least until we all decide that memories are just that and we are content on watching the professionals play the game for us. 

Anyways, if my girlfriend can do it, I decided I should at least put some effort, so I will be walking a lot this summer.  Call it a mid-New Year’s resolution. 

If anyone wants to learn more about the Avon cause, email me at

Now, for those youngsters who just got scared, as they read about how old age can catch up to you quick, the Big Apple Games are offering free recreational activities for 8-19 year olds throughout the rest of the month and up until August 14.  Such sports include basketball, softball, baseball, volleyball, swimming, football, soccer, lacrosse and track and field.  Children can register daily at each site throughout the six-week program.  To find a place nearest you, call (212) 374-5141.

On to some really quick sports bites.  It felt good knowing that the Bronx had the greatest All-Star game in recent memory.  I enjoyed it, from what I did see, since my DVR only taped the game until midnight, but reading the play-by-play made me proud to be a Bronx sports reporter. 

But I am prouder to be a Mets fan these days.  Mr. Connolly likes to take jabs at my so-called Muts, but the Yankees have so much further to go to get to first place than the Mets do.  Good to see them giving me a reason to enjoy baseball again. 

And finally, in keeping up with my comments from last week, one name got lost in the shuffle of those drafted for baseball.  It seems that although Carlos George was academically ineligible to play at Monroe this season, his previous performances earned him a pick by the Milwaukee Brewers in the 46th round.  Congratulations.  I look forward to seeing him in action.  I need to live through someone. 

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