Huntington Free Library featured in ‘I am Preservation’ video series

Old books on wooden shelf. Tiled Bookshelf background.  Concept on the theme of history, nostalgia, old age. Retro style. The book is a symbol of knowledge.
The Huntington Free Library opened its doors on Oct. 17, 1891. It was recently featured in the New York Preservation Leaugue “I am Preservation” video.
Photo courtesy Getty Images

The New York Landmarks Conservancy is celebrating its 50th anniversary by creating a video series called “I am Preservation” to exhibit the widespread love of landmarks throughout New York City. The video demonstrates how important historic preservation is to so many people.

Many supporters have filmed short clips expressing how they represent “preservation.” The Huntington Free Library, which was included in the series, is a privately endowed library near Westchester Square

Please join in the celebration and send in your video. The conservancy will post clips throughout the rest of the year on its social media platforms.

“We’re able to celebrate our 50th anniversary because so many New Yorkers have always supported preserving the best of our City,” said Peg Breen, president of New York Landmarks Conservancy. “So we felt it appropriate to give as many people as possible a chance to speak up about preservation.”

If you are interested, please visit for specific details and tips on how to make your own “I am Preservation” video. Briefly comment on what you love about New York City landmarks or a specific historic building, place, or structure. Start with your name and neighborhood and end by saying “I am Preservation!” Send your finished video or downloadable links via email to [email protected].

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