Scholastic And Photographic Awards Extended

Late borough historians Bill Twomey (l) and Morgan Powell’s contributions to our borough have been immortalized in two scholarship awards being offered to local high school seniors.
Photo by Thomas X. Casey

The Huntington Free Library and Reading Room announces that applications for the Bill Twomey Scholastic Award and Kristopher ‘Morgan’ Powell Photographic Award has been extended until Thursday, June 1.

The Huntington Free Library is offering a grant to honor and remember two late local historians, William ‘Bill’ Twomey and Kristopher ‘Morgan’ Powell who both passed away in 2014.

A $250 Bill Twomey Scholastic Award will be granted to a Bronx high school senior who demonstrates with a 1,000-word article the same literary excellence and dedication to Bronx history that Twomey graced his many readers.

A $100 and $50 Kristopher ‘Morgan’ Powell Photographic Award will be awarded to two local high school students exemplifying the Bronx’s beauty through a photographic image.

The application and submissions must be received by the Huntington Free Library by June 1 and is open to all Bronx high school seniors.

Applications can be downloaded from and must be emailed to

For additional information, visit the East Bronx History Forum’s website at

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