Hip hop expo to promote independent artists

Hip hop expo to promote independent artists
Linen co-founded New Bronx City, Inc. along with co-founder and creative director Jennifer Alvarez, help independent artists promote their brands and products.
Photo courtesy of New Bronx City, Inc.

A new organization is presenting local independent artists with an opportunity to get their brands and products out into the public eye.

On Saturday, February 27, New Bronx City, Inc., along with Essentials 608 Events, will be hosting a hip hop expose at Essentials 608’s location, 608 Fordham Road.

The event will provide independent artists in the Bronx with the opportunity and a platform to promote their brands and introduce their new products and services to an audience – in the ‘Birthplace of Hip Hop’, of course.

The expo will include the showcasing of nearly 100 businesses, along with exhibits, educational seminars, networking, sales by independent artists, from rappers and singers to video producers and filmmakers.

There will also be live performances and keynote speeches by notable artists and actors, including Havoc from hip hop duo Mobb Deep and Hasaan Johnson from The Wire, along with other speakers who will discuss the entertainment and business law industry.

The educational seminars will highlight the impact that social media can have on an independent business.

New Bronx City’s overall goal in holding this expo is to provide a forum for exchanging education, information, inspiration and services regarding the music and film industries, teaching these independent artists how to present their brands and products on the right stage for the appropriate and proper audiences, while helping these individuals achieve success and drive towards economic growth and opportunities from motivational training.

The hip hop expo has been organized and powered by co-founder of New Bronx City Mysonne Linen, a hip hop artists and activist who was signed to Def Jam Records in 1998 and collaborated with successful hip hop artists such as DMX, the LOX, Busta Rhymes, N.O.R.E. and Mobb Deep, among others.

Linen, however, never released an album under Def Jam Records due to being wrongfully jailed for two crimes he did not commit – which resulted in him being incarcerated for seven years before he was released in 2006.

In 2015, Linen, along with co-founder and creative director for Jennifer Alvarez, started New Bronx City, Inc., hoping to help independent artists who aren’t fortunate enough to have an opportunity to work with established artists, as Linen did.

“This event is being held to help independent but talented artists with their careers while teaching them how to utilize their skills and market their products,” said Linen, who was mentored by DMX and late Def Jam CEO Chris Lighty.

“However, talent is only a part of the journey on the road to success – artists also need to have enormous drive and they need to be hungry to succeed. Most of it is all about drive, hustle and motivation,” he said.

“This expo is for anybody who has a dream and has the drive to be successful,” said Alvarez. “There are many businesses and companies in the Bronx that have products that need to be seen – such as music, films or apparel, and the expo is intended to give them the chance to put their products out there and sell them to the right audience.”

New Bronx City, Inc. will be relaunching their website, www.newbronxcity.com, on the day of the expo.

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