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Craig ‘muMs’ Grant takes to the stage with DJ Rich Medina in the new show “A Sucker Emcee.”
Photo courtesy of the Labyrinth Theater Company

The Labyrinth Theater Company has just kicked off another season of shows for the Bank Street Theater and their off-Broadway audiences.

One of these highly anticipated shows includes A Sucker Emcee, which opened at the Bank Street Theater on Wednesday, September 10. A Sucker Emcee show that tells the life story of Craig ‘muMs’ Grant – a Hip Hop artist, a slam poet, an actor and a fellow native of the Bronx.

Craig ‘muMs’ Grant was born and raised in arguably the most influenced locations during Hip Hop’s formation – the south Bronx. In this show, muMs takes Hip Hop’s birthplace of the south Bronx with him to the Bank Street Theater, where audiences can get a first hand look at his life experiences, from childhood to present day.

As an experienced actor and slam poet, muMs is perfect for this one-man show role that portrays an aspiring artist coming from the borough of the Bronx and trying to make it in the world of music.

“This show will definitely be an inspiration to audiences because he is making his dream come true and finding his spotlight,” said Labyrinth Theater Company member Marco Greco. “When audiences see muMs perform his life story in a show, by himself, they will be amazed at his talent and his artistry.”

Although extremely appealing to all audience in the greater New York area, this show has a unique opportunity to connect with the Bronx, given all the history of Hip Hop in the Bronx and the fact that muMs has always resided in the borough.

“The Bronx needs to know about this,” said Marco Greco. “There is so much influence that the Bronx has on muMs and on this show, and it’s a great reason for Bronxites, both old and young, to venture to the village to see one man bring the Bronx to Manhattan and beyond.”

Marco Greco also went on to mention that he hopes to see the show make its way to the Bronx at some point, citing potential theaters at the Bronx Museum of Art or Botanical Gardens.

Those who are preparing to see this show will not be disappointed. They will see one artist – one actor – one man move an entire crowd, thus proving to all of the Hip Hop critics that, ironically, he is far from “A Sucker Emcee.”

Audiences are encouraged to not only see the show but also to stay afterwards on selective days to get even closer to muMs and the production team. Talkback Tuesdays will occur on September 16 and September 30 for audience members who would like to ask questions. Shows on Thursday,September 25 and Thursday, October 2 will include special post-show events featuring spoken word artists, poets and musicians.

A Sucker Emcee is currently running at the Bank Street Theater on 155 Bank Street from Tuesdays to Saturdays at 8 p.m. and on Sundays at 7 p.m., with tickets pricing at $25. Those travelling to the theater by subway can connect to or take 2 Train to 14th Street. The show is expected to run until Sunday, October 5 unless extended.

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