Music video filmed by HipHop Jibarito SoundBoy

Richard Cox plays the Maracas during the music video shoot.
Photo by Miriam Quin

On Sunday, February 21, local musician, ‘The HipHop Jibarito SoundBoy’ Ariel Cartagena, and the Orquesta Nosfuimos hosted a music video shoot for their new hip hop/Spanglish song, ‘Bori-Swag’, meaning ‘Boricuas with style’, at Port Morris Distillery Pitorro’s location, 780 E. 133rd Street. The music video, which was sponsored by Port Morris Distillery Pitorro, Puerto Rico Flags Up and Tessie’s Dance Group, among other organizations, will be released within the next three weeks. A video release party will also take place at the same location around the same time of the release.

‘The HipHop Jibarito SoundBoy’ Ariel Cartagena (c) and the Orquesta Nosfuimos perform during the music video shoot.
Photo by Miriam Quin

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(l-r) David Avila from Puerto Rico Flags Up, Allison Aguilar and Roman Suarez ‘The Funny Latino’.
Photo by Miriam Quin

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