High School Sports Profile – Nick Davis

Co-op City resident Nick Davis in tennis action.

Residence: Co-op City

High School: Salesian

Grade: Junior in the fall

Sport: Tennis – #1 singles player

Hobbies: Chess, drawing, skateboarding, reading, music

Major (interest of study): Graphic design

Inspirations: My mom:  “She has the mental toughness I want in tennis.” 

My dad: “I want to have his good heart.” 

Roger Federer, coaches Loraine Rohlson and Milton Alexander – the founders of the Co-op City Tennis Club. 

Mr. Kayla – the founder of the Lake Isle Country Club Tennis Team. 

Notable Achievements in sports: In 2008, Davis was part of the CHSAA Championship tennis team for Salesian High School. 

In 2006, Davis was sent to San Diego to take part in the Tennis Leadership Program. 

In 2004, Davis won the NYJTL Championship

Davis has also earned the Sportsmanship Award for team tennis in Co-op City and the New York Junior Tennis League. 

More information: Davis is also the coach of the 12 and under squad at the Co-op City Tennis Club and has been asked to demonstrate tennis at the Adult Health Awareness Convention in Manhattan. 

Immediate future goals: Repeating as CHSAA tennis champions for Salesian in 2009. 

Long term prospects: We could one day see Nick Davis in the GHI Tennis Classic or playing at the U.S. Open.  The sky’s the limit for the young tennis star on the rise. 

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