Ferry Point Community Advocates

To all a wonderful warm, happy, healthy Thanksgiving.

Because we are very busy this week (and you are as well) we will keep this short.

We will be adding a member’s spotlight paragraph once a month to our column. We think that other columns may want to do this as well. It is good to acknowledge the people who actually contribute to the neighborhood with their time, money, experience, wisdom etc. It’s ok to pat someone on the back, especially if they don’t expect it.

F.P. Community Advocates monthly member’s spotlight: “Hip Hip Hooray!!!

To Pat and Aleatha Williams: We want to first acknowledge these members because of their ongoing work with youth of the Bronx in general. We are grateful to have them in our neighborhood. We will try to work collaboratively on some of the various future events we usually have for the neighborhood and park children of the Bronx. Patricia and her daughter Aleatha have the same belief as the executive board members of FPC Advocates. We all believe in giving back to our community in some way.

Pat and Aleatha just donated 10 turkeys to P.S. 72 for this year’s Thanksgiving Day. Patricia and her daughter know that “it takes a village” to raise children with good self esteem through the economic challenges that we all face at various times of our lives. Patricia also holds an annual Celebrating Bronx Youth Day in June. Pat and Aleatha will also be creating an December event thanking the elected officials that have helped Bronx youth in 2009 (more on that next week). It is refreshing to witness the generosity and good will that this woman and her daughter have for all. We want to make sure that she knows we validate and appreciate her work.

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