Ferry Point Community Advocates

Our 3rd Annual Halloween Haunted Trail/Costume Contest was held Friday, October 31, from 4:30 to 7 p.m.

The prizes varied for age groups and gender up to 12 years of age.

We decided not to have the Pet Costume Contest because the more we read about pets being out on Halloween night, the more we felt it would be better for the pets to stay home safely tucked under their blankets.

The 40-foot driveway with tents served as a place to have a haunted trail rain or shine.

We will not be doing this type of setup next year due to the weather that occurs during this season.

We tried to set up the haunted driveway trail early in the month but the wind was up to 48 knots at times and the tent was shaking and jumping around. We had to reset the ghouls and monsters three times

Well, all went well. There were excited children and their parents all around.

You had to pass a 12-foot Frankenstein and pumpkins with ghosts to enter the haunted house with lightning and organ music. The tent was setup into small sections.

A ghost room with a ghost popping out of a pumpkin while others floated over head.

Bales of hay guided you to the cemetery gates that led you through purple metallic streamers to a cemetery with urns, skeletons. foliage and stones to the right while a ghouly chop shop with tools and bloody body parts was on the left.

Behind that Frankenstein was resting in his chair, and the witches were brewing in their cauldron.

This was all visible while ducking under spider webs, and peaking around corners through the fog machine’s smoky mist. Spiders and bats flew above while everyone watched the ghouls swinging their lit up swords and flashing their eyes.

Noise sensitive spiders dropped on their webs and slowly wound back up with flashing eves.

Snakes crawled out of skeletons eyes and rats and mice showed their teeth. There was a bit of all your scary stuff.

There were bags full of treats, hats, wands, paint sets, and coloring cups along with glow bracelets, bookmarks and more candy and craft items.

Photos will be judged and prizes will be delivered to the neighborhood homes.

I have great memories of Halloween on Brush Avenue neighbors all coming to our open house as a child and I am glad we could continue this tradition to welcome all to enjoy a good scare.

I believe every child that came to 716 Brush Avenue had a great time although some were frightened a bit more than they expected.

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