Ferry Point Civic Association

Ferry Point Road Closing

The Hutchinson River Parkway Service Road South will be closed between Schuyler and Avenue and Senger Place due to crane operations at this location. The street closing will go in affect Monday, June 16 and will conclude on Wednesday, July 16. Ferry Point residents have received a notice in their mailboxes from the Ferry Point Civic Association concerning this matter. Any additional updates will be provided. For the time being, drivers will need to use an alternate route to arrive at their destination. Please note that Brush Avenue may see an increase in traffic due to this road closure.

Beat The Summer Heat

The New York City Office of Emergency Management has prepared cooling centers throughout the five boroughs to provide individuals a place to escape the boiling temperatures. The temperatures in the city are ten degrees higher than its surrounding areas, causing what is known as the urban heat island. This is from the mix of concrete, asphalt, and metal. Heat waves are particularly dangerous for children, elderly, animals, and those with cardiovascular diseases. Cooling centers can be located during a heat emergency by calling 311 (TTY (212) 504-4115) or http://gis.nyc.gov/oem/cc/index.htm.

Idling Trucks

The Ferry Point Civic Association has received several complaints about idling trucks in the area. These trucks have been noted as running for a few hours at a time. Please be aware of the New York City idling laws. If you spot a vehicle idling for more than three minutes, please contact your local precinct or dial 311. The 311 operators will transfer your phone calls to the Department of Environmental Protection Agency. Please note that the current fine for idling vehicles is $2,000 and 311 operators are now available 24/7.

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