Ferry Point Civic Association

The Ferry Point Civic Association, Inc. has been working diligently this month to provide a safer community. Our top priority at this moment is traffic safety throughout our area.

Double Yellow Lines Requested

Requests were made to our local elected officials and Community Board 10 regarding the absence of double yellow lines on Brush Avenue between Lafayette Avenue and Bruckner Boulevard. The lack of visible line divider has caused confusion and near collisions of vehicles traveling north and southbound. One instance was observed when a QBX1 blatantly disregarded the new traffic light posted by the Home Depot entrance on Brush Avenue. The bus was spotted crossing into oncoming traffic bypassing three vehicles waiting for the light to change.

Bruckner Boulevard/Brush Avenue Turn Signal

Now that the summer season is upon us, more vehicles are frequenting the new Home Depot. A popular route is Bruckner Boulevard turning onto Brush Avenue. Vehicles traveling westbound on Bruckner Boulevard can make a left turn onto Brush Avenue. This particular intersection is difficult to maneuver because it is heavily utilized. A request was made for a traffic study as well as looking into the history of any incidents of collisions. Complaints were made to United Parcel Service regarding their drivers pulling up along side vehicles attempting to make the turn. When UPS trucks do this, they block the other vehicles’ line of sight as well as nearly side swiping the other vehicles. To alleviate congestion problems associated with this intersection, we suggested placing a left turn green arrow signal.

Fruit Vendor

We ask of patrons of the Brush Avenue fruit vendor to please refrain from illegally parking while making your purchases. Double and triple parked cars are not only dangerous but hinder the flow of traffic.

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