Enjoy these beautiful Bronx open spaces for Earth Day

Pelham Bay Park
Alex Mitchell

In celebration of Earth Day, we here at the Bronx Times would like to boast some of the borough’s most beautiful, serene, green and blue spaces which residents make use of every day, starting with:

Pelham Bay Park

Pelham Bay Park Alex Mitchell

This beauty of the east Bronx is three times the size of Central Park! It is home to two golf courses, a beach, the Bartow-Pell Mansion, and tons of greenery which is enjoyed by many Bronx residents.

According to NYC Parks, Pelham Bay Park also has a wide and diverse range of plant and animal life and features prime locations to view one of nature’s most skillful hunters, the osprey.

Orchard Beach

Alex Mitchell

Known as the Bronx Riviera, this beach connected to Pelham Bay Park is the borough’s place to be when the weather gets hot. The water from the Long Island Sound creates a beautiful, miles long shoreline which is complimented by a boardwalk and other enjoyable, outdoor attractions.

Ferry Point Park

Alex Mitchell

Soon to be a stop on the NYC Ferry service, Ferry Point park is a quiet little beauty perched next to the bass of the Whitestone Bridge. In addition to scenic views and walkway paths, it also features soccer fields and more for recreation.

Seton Falls Park

Alex Mitchell

This park in the northeast Bronx is better known as the Grand Canyon of the borough.

A man-made waterfall flows from the park’s western bounds and can be walked along side of as a little escape from urban life. According to NYC Parks, over 30 species of birds reside within Seton Falls Park.

Concrete Plant Park

Alex Mitchell

It’s surprising to think that a peaceful escape is hiding in plain sight next to the Bruckner Expressway.

That, though, is Concrete Plant Park, which is a beginning stage of the Bronx River’s northbound flow.

It’s name comes from a former concrete facility which operated on the land and parts of the former concrete plant remain as decorative art to this day.

Barretto Point Park

Alex Mitchell

This Hunts Point Park offers one of the most stunning views of the Manhattan skyline which can be seen from the Bronx.

It’s piers can also be used for fishers to try their luck in the East River and swimmers can plunge into the floating pool connected to its shoreline.

Van Cortlandt Park

Entrance to Van Cortlandt Park.Photo via Wikimedia Commons

This is a true beauty of the west Bronx! The massive grounds of Van Cortlandt Park, the city’s third largest features the nation’s first public golf course, playing fields, beautiful forest trails, and the flowing stream of northbound Tibbetts Brook, to name a few of its features.

It is also easily accessible from the 1 train’s terminal stop at 242nd Street.

The Bronx River

File/ Laura Stone

Waterways count too! The Bronx River is perhaps the most iconic waterflow in the borough and not only can it be enjoyed from a distance at The Bronx Zoo, New York Botanical Garden, Bronx Park, Concrete Plant Park and many other locations, but can also be kayaked in as well – something jovially demonstrated in the annual, Amazing Bronx River Flotilla race.

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