DSNY features its ‘better bin’ competition on Castle Hill Ave

DSNY features its ‘better bin’ competition on Castle Hill Ave|DSNY features its ‘better bin’ competition on Castle Hill Ave
Photo by Silvio Pacifico|Photo by Silvio Pacifico

The NYC Department of Sanitation is looking to dump its current street side litterbins that are currently found throughout the Bronx, as well as the rest of the city.

DSNY has launched the ‘better bin’ competition that pits two new, different prototype cans at three citywide locations; one of which is on Castle Hill Avenue between Ellis and Newbold avenues.

Now in its final ‘knockout round’ these pilot cans come in sets of two: one for landfill use and the other for recycling.

Design A, known as ‘Group Project’ has a bi-colored, cage like design with a divider at the bin’s top. Meanwhile Design B, which is called ‘Smart Design’ features a more open cylinder with a mesh-like metal grating that’s more translucent than its competitor. The recycling version of Design B includes a cover with a narrower circular opening to dispense litter through.

The judging panel empowered to decide the fate of the two options represents “a diverse group of stakeholders from the DSNY design community, as well as technical experts in manufacturing and industrial design,” according to the request for proposal draft for this litter bin idol competition.

Although the public can’t text in their vote to Ryan Seacrest, the DSNY is seeking feedback on the competition.

Residents are invited to take an online survey to see if any parts of the can plan should be discarded.

These DSNY prototypes will be in Castle Hill for the remainder of the summer. The voting on the bins will begin in September.

Photo by Silvio Pacifico