DJ Masai to host Father’s Day-Juneteenth event at Outer Space


On Sunday, June 16, Bronxite music producer and DJ Masai will be hosting a joint Father’s Day-Juneteeth celebration at the renovated outdoor event space Outer Space. The family event, which doubles as a cultural celebration, will feature soulful house music and food curated by the DJ.

Though the family-friendly social gathering is meant to unite all Bronxites, it also serves the dual purpose of uniting DJ Masai’s childhood neighbors, now artistically-inclined friends. Fast Forward Film owner Omar Salgado, visual artist and storyteller Aleathia Brown, and music lovers Mark Carry and Nabu Gogo will curate the genial party atmosphere.

“All of us have a musical, dance, art background on different levels. So that’s the other part of how coming together is such a treat because anyone coming around us gets to enjoy those other layers to us,” Brown said. 

The Father’s Day-Juneteenth event will be held Sunday, June 16, from 2 to 8 p.m., at Outer Space, located at 785 East 215 St. The event is free and food and beverages will be provided as well as a massage wellness corner.