Department of Correction officers from the Bronx indicted for selling fake disability placards

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A joint investigation by the Bronx District Attorney’s Office and city’s Department of Investigation led to the indictment of five people, including four Department of Correction officers, for using forged disability parking placards.

The defendants included Nakia Gales, 44 and Shyiera Daniels, 29, of Manhattan and Judy Guity, 46, Rasma Caines, 43 and Craig Scott, 60, of the Bronx, who have been indicted on second-degree and third-degree criminal possession of a forged instrument.

Throughout the course of the investigation, the DOI found that Gales had been selling forged placards and accepting various payments ranging from $200 to $280 per placard. These forged placards were seen in five of the defendants’ vehicles.

“Members of our community with severe disabilities need these placards to enable them to park near their place of work, doctor’s office and other essential places so they can go about their lives more easily,” said Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark. “The defendants—four of them Correction Officers—allegedly corrupted the placard program for their own convenience. Now they face felony charges.”

Gales, Daniels, Guity and Caines were arraigned on Dec. 8. The three are due back in court on March 16, 2021

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