De Blasio victory could spell defeat for boro projects

With mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio leagues ahead in the polls over GOP challenger (and Bronx native son) Joe Lhota, it might not bode well for some big borough projects being rushed through before Mayuh Mike leaves.

Given the Bronx Democratic machine’s all-out push for Bill Thompson, DeBlasio’s tsunami primary win in the Bronx and across the city certainly embarrassed the party and Borough Prez Ruben Diaz Jr., who practically joined themselves at the hip with Thompson.

DeBlasio even clobbered Thompson in Dem Party Boss Carl Heastie’s mostly black northeast Bronx assembly district.

And while Ruben and Carl were quick to do a fast 180-degree turn and throw their arms around De Blasio, folks are saying the new City Hall heir-apparent owes no favors.

“He was doing his own thing campaigning in the Bronx,” a local political insider said of de Blasio’s borough stealth campaign. “He doesn’t owe anybody in the Bronx.”

“The organizations didn’t support him, and with the projects like the Kingsbridge Armory and Fresh Direct, if they can’t push them through before he takes over, they’ll all be subject to his review,” added political consultant George Arzt.

A Boro Hall insider added that a number of “smaller” Requests for Proposals could also wind up yanked by a Mayor de Blasio.

De Blasio has previously blasted using tons of taxpayer bux to subsidize moving Fresh Direct into the borough. Not known yet where he stands on turning the white elephant armory into a big ice skating rink.


While other pols and Party Boss Heastie had to make fast friends with de Blasio, three prescient Bronx electeds were early out of the gate with their support: Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda, Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson and City Councilman Andy King. To the victor’s supporters, so to speak, go the spoils…. We’ll see just what they are down the road.


We’re going to go out on real limb here and predict – drum roll please – the winners in Tuesday, Nov. 5’s general elections in the Bronx.

And the answer is – another drum roll, please – with an 11-1 Democrat vs. Republican Bronx enrollment, the winners in the Sept. 10 Democratic primary. We doubt the bookies are even taking bets on this one.


Bet that headline got your attention.

But not THAT big a deal.

Seems state Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. is resigning as district leader in the 87th Assembly District, to make way for local State Committeeman William (Willie) Rivera taking the job.

It means The Rev renting out the Parkchester South condo he bought to establish residence for the district leader post, and now listing his Soundview home of Glebe Avenue within his senatorial district as his official residence.

The Rev said he “made a mistake in not supporting Willie for City Council” to replace term-limited Joel Rivera. He supported the Rev. Joel Bauza, Willie dropped out midway, and Richie Torres won the seat.

“I think if I had supported Willie, we would have won that,” Diaz told us. “I’m doing for Willie what I was supposed to do before.”

The Dem Party made it official Wednesday night at a nominating convention.

Rivera is strongly backed by 87th A.D. Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda, which should dispel some rumors that Luis and The Rev have been a bit on the outs since Luis’ election, heavily backed by The Rev.


With 4-9 Precinct cops swarming all over those auto repair shops along Morris Park’s Stillwell Ave. in a parking ticket rampage, kinda embarassing that they missed five cars being broken into in the early morning hours Oct. 26. We hear cops’re giving a local baking plant only five minutes to load and unload their trucks. DOH!


Vito Signorile, Councilman Jimmy Vacca’s spokesman for the past two years and former Bronx Times reporter/editor, departing to be a spokesman for the Rent Stabilization Association. Good luck!


Norwood News editor Alex Kratz leaving to run a writing center at a South Bronx high school. A loss of a fine community journalist.


Congrats. To new 5-2 C.O. Nilda Hofmann, promoted to full Inspector rank. And to Riverdale’s new 5-0 C.O. Paul Rasa, upped to deputy inspector.

Welcome back. To Inspector Ray Rooney, number two guy at Bronx Detective command, after a lengthy medical leave. Joking about a tall stack of paperwork waiting.

Gathering. A fun lunch crowd of retired cops at the Liberty Donuts & Coffee Shop in Morris Park Wednesday, Oct. 23, assembled by retired Bronx Borough No-Star Chief John Wohlberg, with George Powell, John Young, Bobby McGee, former 4-9 C.O. Ben DiGregorio, Vito Calamito, Mike McCarroll, Jimmy Pascalicchio and Dennis Milone. And NO, I’m not picking up the tab!


For former Bronx Boro Hall and current Senate Democratic Conference spokesman Mike Murphy and wife Laura on birth of their son Bryson Daniel Christopher Murphy.


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