Column: We must continue the fight to defeat the Bruckner rezoning proposal

Residents in August protest a proposal that would bring multiple buildings to Bruckner Boulevard.
Photo Adrian Childress

Our next informational rally regarding the Bruckner upzoning will be on Oct. 16 at 12 p.m. at Bufano Park (Waterbury Park). The park is located on Waterbury and LaSalle avenues. We will be speaking about our new website, our petitions and our GoFundMe page. Petitions and letters will be available. If you have signed petitions please bring them with you.

You might have heard that the Bruckner upzoning has be suspended because they did not file early enough for it to go through under this administration. This does not mean that our fight is over. The threat is still looming over us. But this will give us time to work even harder to defeat this proposed upzoning. We can get more signatures, send more letters and raise more money. At the rally we will be discussing our plans for the next few months.

If you have not donated yet, please consider doing so. If everyone donates a small amount — even $5 or $10 — we can get to our goal of $30,000. These funds are needed to hire an attorney, cover court fees and funding for an environmental study. All of these things must be done to defeat this proposal. We have several local attorneys that have graciously given us guidance pro bono. This is needed and very much appreciated. Our community is working together because we all know that if this proposal goes through it will change our community forever. You can donate at the rally, online at our GoFundMe page or you can send a check to Waterbury LaSalle Community Association marked that it is for the Bruckner upzoning.

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