Column: New year, new budget!

Councilmember Amanda Farías has secured more than $14 million in capital funding and more than $3 million in discretionary funding for her district last year.
Photo courtesy Courtney Curd

The City Council’s Fiscal Year 2024 Discretionary and Capital Application is now open online! As many of you know, a portion of city tax dollars comes back to our local community through our city budget. ‘Tis the season of budgeting for infrastructure upgrades and local programming in our schools, centers, parks and more.

Last year I was able to secure a historic amount of money for our district through my advocacy and negotiation. In Fiscal Year 2023, I secured more than $14 million in capital and more than $3 million in discretionary funding. This year I am committed to fighting for more services and improved infrastructure for our community.

I am excited to continue funding arts & cultural programs like Publicolor and Inside Broadway, keeping Holy Family’s Mechler Hall Senior Center’s doors open for services, ensuring our community-led safety programs like SAFEST and SAPNA NYC have the resources they need, and continuing to modernize and invest in our local housing like I did at Jaime’s Towers with $2 million for elevators, along with many other great programs and projects.

I encourage all nonprofits and schools that serve the Council District 18 community to apply for City Council funding. To apply please fill out the application at before the deadline. Discretionary funding applications are due before Feb. 21 by 5 p.m. and capital funding applications are due Thursday, Feb. 23 by 5 p.m.

If you are seeking funds from my office and working within Council District 18, please fill out the supplemental form at (case sensitive). If you have any further questions you can contact my office at (718) 792-1140 or by emailing [email protected]

Update on Participatory Budgeting

If you have submitted a capital project for Participatory Budgeting, the projects have been sent to the appropriate city agencies for vetting and approval, and we will hear back on their eligibility in February. Participatory Budgeting encompasses a total of $1 million in capital funding and all projects are voted on by the community to reflect what projects are most wanted. To get involved, reach out to our office.

Update on In-Office Services

My office offers free in-person and virtual services including immigration assistance, financial assistance and tax prep, help with enrolling in SNAP, family justice services and more. Visit my website at to sign up for my newsletter and learn more about my upcoming events.

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