Column: ‘Miracles can happen’

Protestors rally at Super Foodtown in August.
Photo Adrian Childress
The Bruckner upzoning proposal has united this community. We are holding hands in solidarity like never before. People of every background from every community are joining together for a common purpose. We are determined to save our community from the greedy hands of developers that seek to destroy us. We are strong, we are united and together we will win!

At a time when there is conflict and chaos all over the world, we are working together. The world could take a lesson from us.  If we win, and we will, we will have proved that in our community, white, Latino, Black and every other ethnicity know how to join hands for the benefit of all. Do you realize that Republicans and Democrats both are supporting us? That could be described as miraculous. We can agree. We can work together. And, when we do miracles can happen.

We have been working hard. Soon we will announce a website where you can get information about the latest news concerning the Bruckner upzoning. You will be able to sign letters to appropriate city officials and politicians and the letter will automatically be sent. You can send your comments and suggestions as well as volunteer. It will help us organize and stay in touch with each other.

Local attorneys have offered their support and advice and we are so grateful for their guidance. Even with their help, it is imperative that we get a land-use attorney onboard and that will require funding. To that end, we are setting up a GoFundMe page. When it is up and running we will need your support. Please donate whatever you can. Every dollar will help.

On Aug. 28, we held another rally, which was very well attended. People came with signs, t-shirts and an unbelievable amount of enthusiasm. Again, we had support from community leaders, including Bob Beider, a community board member; John Doyle, a Democratic district leader; Sammy Ravelo, candidate for Bronx borough president; and Bill Pepitone,  who is running for mayor. each one of them attended the rally and spoke out against the proposal. We thank them all for their support, especially because it was unsolicited. Our rallies are organized by the community. We encourage all local leaders, including current and those who hope to be our leaders, to attend our rallies and publicly declare their full support. Please know that you are welcome.

We are planning to resume civic association meetings as long as there are no Covid complications. Our meeting date will be Sept. 28 at 7:30 p.m. at The First Lutheran Church of Throggs Neck. We rely on your dues as we do not receive any funds from our local elected officials. So many of our wonderful members have sent an extra gift with their dues. Your generosity is very much appreciated. If you have not sent in your dues, please consider doing it today. You can send your $10 yearly dues to Waterbury LaSalle Community Association, 1145 Hobart Ave., Bronx NY 10461. We are a 501c3, which means that donations over and above dues are tax deductible. If you have signed petitions, you may drop them off at the above address or call (718) 792-6385 for pick up.

Please stay safe and stay involved.  Our community needs you!

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