Column: It’s time to restore order in NYC

Voting sign on the walkway
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Next week Nov. 2, 2021, is Election Day. This will be the most important day in our recent history. After eight years of hell and the destruction of our city we can finally make a change to restore law and order in New York City, restore the programs that count, take the illegal guns off the streets and put the criminals back in jail where they belong. We have to give respect back to our Police Department, improve our city, give the citizens a city they can once again be proud of and once again make our streets safe. To make all these changes take place you must take the first step Get Out and Vote on Nov. 2,  don’t wait for someone else to do it. New York has a history of very low turnout on Election Day and then we have years of regret. Let’s do it right this time.
Forget party lines and vote for the candidate who will make conditions change. If you blindly follow a party you will not get changes, you will have the same dangerous city and it will get steadily worse. We must change a whole new administration from day one. You must realize that the old way is the wrong way. Before you vote, look at the candidates and what they say and stand for. Who will really make changes? If the candidate is aligned with the old administration that is the wrong candidate. If you have had enough, then vote for change. After you make your intelligent choice look at the back of the ballot where there are five referendums (most people don’t take the time to read them). I encourage you to read the back page and vote no for all of them.
Proposal 1 would redraw voting districts and allow non-Americans to be counted as citizens. Vote no.
Proposal 2 makes no sense at all. Vote no.
Proposal 3 would allow same day voter registration; this would open the door for fraud. If you are an American citizen and you want to vote you have all year to register, why would you wait until the last day to register. Instant last-minute registration will bring wide-spread fraud. The Board of Elections must have a reasonable amount of time to verify that you qualify as an American citizen to vote. Vote no.
Proposal 4 would allow no excuse absentee mail-in voting. This would open up more fraud. With early voting in place there only two reasons for mail in voting: 1. Long-term illness or confinement in a nursing home or 2. An active member in our military who is away from home. Vote no.
Proposal 5 would increase NYC Civil Court jurisdiction by allowing claims up to $50,000; the present limit is $ 25,000 This would clog the courts with more cases that they already can’t handle. Vote no.
To continue our efforts to fight upzoning, The Coalition Against Up Zoning is holding a fundraiser on Friday, Nov. 5 at 7 p.m. It will be held at The Strand Beach Club, located at 658 Clarence Ave. There will be food, entertainment, raffles, door prizes, a cash bar and guest speakers. Donation to enter is $50. We hope you can attend this event as we need your support to raise funds to pay for a land use attorney and an engineering firm to fight the developers high-priced legal and lobbying teams.
Your help is still needed. Please spread the word, visit our website and sign the petition at If we lose our zoning, we will lose our community. This is not a done deal. Special thanks to The Strand, Barino’s Market, Cross Town Diner and Patricia’s of Throggs Neck.
The Waterbury LaSalle Community Association relies on your dues to run our organization. We don’t get help from our elected officials. Please send your $10 yearly dues to Waterbury LaSalle Community Association, 1145 Hobart Ave. Bronx, N.Y. 10461. We are a” 501c 3 charity”, which means donations over and above dues are tax deductible. Our meetings are always the last Tuesday of the month at the First Lutheran Church at 3075 Baisley Ave., at 7:30 p.m.  Stay well and Stay safe. We will get through this.

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