Column: Immigration helps transform America

Aerial View Of The Work Site Where The International Border Wall Is Being Constructed
Drone view of the New Mexico desert.
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There is a common theme running throughout most of the positions taken by the left recently: Middle income Americans don’t count. Their problems do not matter.

Since President Biden took over, energy prices have skyrocketed, a direct result of his administration’s policies. The strain on American families has been significant, and will take a sharp turn for the worse when home heating costs will force families to decide between not freezing or paying other bills, such as groceries, mortgage or rent.

Rather than express concern or contrition for his anti-affordable energy policy, Biden is actually doubling down on it. The Daily Mail has reported that the White House is attacking yet another key cog, closing down Michigan’s Line 5 oil pipeline.

The hypocrisy of destroying American energy independence under the excuse of environmental consideration fails to convince, since the president has favored Russia’s construction of its Nordstream pipeline and his request that OPEC increase its production. The goal of wiping out fossil fuel use in the foreseeable future is unrealistic. Beyond that, does the president believe that it is appropriate that middle income Americans go bankrupt, in order for him to please the radical leftist who seem to oppose all that makes America strong?

That same progressive crowd has foisted its no bail, defund the police ideas on the nation, to America’s great detriment. A Utah Law Digital Commons analysis of jurisdiction in Illinois notes that “the new changes to pretrial release procedures appear to have led to a substantial increase in crimes committed by pretrial releasees in Cook County. Properly measured and estimated, after more generous release procedures were put in place, the number of released defendants charged with committing new crimes increased by 45%. And, more concerning, the number of pretrial releasees charged with committing new violent crimes increased by an estimated 33%. In addition, as reported by the Chicago Tribune, the Study’s data appears to undercount the number of releasees charged with new violent crimes.”

Once again, the pursuit of an unrealistic and unviable progressive goal has harmed the population, but to leftists, that doesn’t matter. Only “fundamentally transforming” the country counts. Of course, when anyone asks, what do they want to “fundamentally transform” America into, no intelligent answer is provided.

Polls indicate that Americans, across the board, are not in favor of open borders. Apparently, that doesn’t matter to Biden or his progressive supporters. They do not feel the pain, and it is a very real pain, that illegal immigration causes in additional crime, contagious disease and dollars.

Texas Attorney General Paxton outlined the cost to his state:

  • Texans pay between $579 million and $717 million each year for public hospital districts to provide uncompensated care for illegal aliens.
  • Texans paid $152 million to house illegal criminal aliens for just one year.
  • Texans pay between $62 million and $90 million to include illegal aliens in the state Emergency Medicaid program.
  • Texans paid more than $1 million for The Family Violence Program to provide services to illegal aliens for one year.
  • Texans pay between $30 million and $38 million per year on perinatal coverage for illegal aliens through the Children’s Health Insurance Program.
  • Texans pay between $31 million and $63 million to educate unaccompanied alien children each year.

The left doesn’t apparently care. These new arrivals, not brought up with American ideals, will assist in their fundamental transformation. Don’t complain; you don’t count.

Nowhere has their attitude become clearer than in education, with Virginia’s failed gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe openly revealing the progressive perspective that the wishes of the majority of Americans do not matter by stating that parents should have no role in what their children are being taught.

The left has enjoyed the protection of a friendly media in hiding their arrogance. But the disastrous results of their policies can no longer be masked.

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