Column: Biden caving to small, radical minority


America is in the midst of a dramatic attempted alteration to the balance of power between Washington and the states, as well as the federal government and individual citizens. The national government will have extraordinary power to determine your property rights, transportation options, purchasing choices and even how you vote.

Some of the moves have been made using the pandemic as an excuse. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has accused Biden of constructing a “biomedical security state.”

In addition to the pandemic, environmental extremism is an excuse used by Progressive authoritarians.

The Green New Deal, a key effort by Leftist Democrats, would substantially place almost every activity under Washington’s purview. Matthew Harwood, writing for Reason, warns that “… we should … pay close attention to the plan’s authoritarian impulses… If proponents of the Green New Deal are serious — and there’s no reason to doubt them — then they’re proposing … a militaristic America where Uncle Sam’s heavy hand intervenes in all aspects of life, curtailing individual freedom in pursuit of their collectivist goals…They want the power to regiment a society of nearly 330 million people in pursuit of a pipe dream they liken to a war for survival.”

The Progressive power grab, aside from the particulars of imposing heavy-handed measures, is openly and clearly unconstitutional. It colludes with social media giants to limit the First Amendment rights of those it disagrees with and argues against the Second, Ninth and 10th amendments  Those amendments that serve as the ultimate safeguard against the amassing of power in Washington. The Second Amendments allows citizens the right to self defense. The Ninth and 10th amendments are clear and unambiguous: those powers not specifically given to the federal government are reserved to the people and the states.

Once these moves have been made, the safety valve of having the ability to vote authoritarian miscreants out of office will not be available. A move is afoot to unlawfully impose federal will on how elections are conducted, a power that Constitutionally rests with the states. The misleadingly named “For the People Act”  is an overtly partisan bill that amounts to a clear federal takeover of state election laws, stripping away vital anti-fraud measures that states have established.

It would, as Sen. Wicker (R-Mississippi) stresses, ban voter ID requirements, which are popular nationwide and have passed in most states, including Democrat-run states like Connecticut and Rhode Island. It would force states to allow “ballot harvesting,” an illicit practice whereby party operatives can deliver stacks of ballots to the polls without supervision. It would also require states to allow Election Day registration and universal mail-in voting. Americans are coming out against this bill when they learn what it actually does. A recent poll showed that 83% of Americans are concerned about ballot harvesting, 81% are concerned about Election Day registration without photo ID, and 71% are concerned about universal mail-in voting.

Making these moves all the more disturbing is the reality that the citizenry isn’t even aware of who is actually making the decisions at the White House — the elected president or the extremist fringes of the Democrat Party. The New York Post Editorial Board recently observed “America is now being ruled not by President Joe Biden but a small, radical minority that couldn’t care less about the US Constitution. Biden made that clear when he caved to the Squad … and pushed his Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to ban evictions once again — knowing full well he was likely breaking the law and violating his oath of office.”

Biden himself has noted that the move is constitutionally questionable, though that didn’t stop him of approving it.

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