Column: ‘A nation in deep distress’

White house over stormy sky with lightings
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Taking a wide look at what America has descended into, particularly since the last election, reveals a deeply disturbing picture.

Journalistic outlets, whether in print, online or through television are designed to examine just one topic at a time. That fails to provide an overall picture of how radically America has changed, a movement that began to gain steam following Barack Obama’s pledge to “Fundamentally Transform” the nation and accelerated since Biden’s inauguration.


Democrat-run cities have experienced a massive surge in violent crime, a result of policies such as letting violent offenders out of jail early, not allowing bail for violent criminal defendants, defunding and hampering police forces, and ignoring the offenses of protestors who burn and loot.

Inflation has risen to 5.4%, the highest in 13 years.

Government giveaways are discouraging workers from returning to their jobs, threatening the existence of small businesses throughout the United States. The Labor Force Participation Rate has plummeted.

Our educational system has been taken over by those who disparage and seek to eliminate much of western culture. One example: Virginia’s Loudoun County’s teacher training material supports “discouraging heterosexualism and parental authority over their own children.” Blatant falsehoods about U.S. History are being taught.

The U.S. military, faced with its greatest challenge since the British burned the White House in the war of 1812, has had its buying power reduced by the Biden administration. However, military funds are being used for transgender surgery and drag shows on an Air Force base. The formally dominant U.S. Navy is now smaller and less modern than China’s. Russia’s nuclear deterrent is now larger.

The Arctic is now dominated by Russia, with vast military bases and 42 icebreaker vessels. (The U.S. has only one.)

A prominent lawyer has had his law license suspended for his statements while representing someone the current president doesn’t like.

Individuals and organizations that don’t kowtow to Progressive Democrats are widely censored. It’s about to get worse. The Biden Department of Justice is encouraging private companies to spy on the private texts of their customers.  In addition, individuals are encouraged to spy on family members. Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer had previously introduced legislation specifically designed to limit the application of the First Amendment.

Prominent Democrats are reluctant to criticize the despicable acts of Communist tyrants in Cuba and Venezuela.

The White House refuses to acknowledge their destruction of the southern border and reverse their policies that caused the dilemma.

There has been no substantive response to the repeated cyberattacks on American infrastructure and commercial activity.

The abortion debate has changed substantially, from whether the procedure is legitimate in the early stages of pregnancy to a growing acceptance of infanticide, the killing of fully viable infants.

Law enforcement has become increasingly selective. Prominent leftist figures have escaped prosecution or even, in some cases, investigation for wrongdoing. The Durham report has all but vanished. There are no signs of examining the influence peddling the Chinese have engaged in with the Biden family. In the nation’s largest city, New York, $850 million given to Mayor de Blasio’s wife for a program designed to assist the mentally ill has vanished. No investigation has been conducted.

Outright racism is being perpetrated in many quarters. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot refuses to be interviewed by white journalists. A proposed federal agricultural program is specifically designed to provide funds based on skin color, in order to exclude white farmers.

Attacks on religion by government authorities have become commonplace, including attempts to exclude religious institutions from government contracts and demands by one mayor to “review” the sermons pastors plan to give. Anti-Semitism has become commonplace. One state’s attorney general has openly affiliated with Louis Farrakhan. Several members of Congress continuously spout anti-Jewish rhetoric.

These trends, individually and collectively, indicate a nation in deep distress, and drastically imperil the constitutional paradigm that had made America the greatest nation on Earth.

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