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We look forward to our very young new year 2010 and the many goals still ahead of us. We also reflect on the goals accomplished in 2009 through the loud complaints of all our civic associations, and the response and serious attention from our elected officials and Community Board 10.

When we want answers and good results we call 311, and with our confirmation number, call Senator Klein, Assemblyman Benedetto, Councilman Vacca, and Ken Kearns of Community Board 10. We are always impressed with the young, smart, computer savvy staff of our elected officials. It is a joy to watch these young men and women devoting their time, attention and effort to resolve so many of our serious problems. We always get good results from John Doyle of Senator Klein’s office and Bret Collazzi of Councilman’s Vacca’s office.

We were all stunned at the news of prostitution arrests at Glow Day Spa located at 1829 Hobart Avenue. 1829 Hobart Avenue is in the heart of our Pelham Bay Community. These brazen, lowlife, parasites were advertising their business on adult web sites. Senator Klein and his staff, together with the 45th Precinct and the NYPD Vice Squad, were aggressive in shutting down this prostitution ring. The senator is also working on legislation to close down these types of operations immediately.

In 2010, our civic associations, together with our elected officials will continue to pursue speed bumps and full stop signs to slow down speeding drivers to make all our streets safer. We are told the city is not interested in municipal parking lots because they don’t create enough revenue. It is easier to issue unfair tickets at outlandish costs to the hard strapped, over-taxed middle income, honest taxpayers.

We look forward to more of Councilman Vacca’s victories in helping the motorist overcome the Gotcha ticketing. Sensitivity training is needed for some of the over aggressive ticket agents. Too many are not knowledgeable that a motorist is legally allowed to let passengers in or out of their vehicles in a safe manner. Many have received $115 tickets for double parking because their passengers were not fast enough getting in or out of the vehicle. Seniors and the handicapped have been especially targeted by these unscrupulous ticket agents. The sad conclusion has been these same people have been found “guilty” of double parking because the city is strapped for more and more money and not many have the time to continue to fight their unjust, illegal ticket. In 2010 this will be a goal to end unjust ticketing.

Dues of $10 for 2010, which include the Bronx Times Reporter mailed to your home, can be mailed to Pelham Bay Taxpayers & Civic Association, P. O. Box 31, Pilgrim Station, Bronx, N.Y. 10461.

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