Carrion and Catsimatidis in mayoral talks


Adolfo Carrion has been quietly meeting with political fatcat and Republican mayoral wannabe John Catsimatidis to seek his backing should the multi-billionaire decide he can’t quite push his own mayoral boulder all the way up the hill to City Hall.

They last met Sunday, Feb. 24 at the Riverdale Diner, according to sources, and before that at an office Carrion has rented downtown at 77 Water Street.

The earlier meeting, we’re told, was to discuss AC running for Comptroller on JC’s mayoral ticket. Obviously that didn’t work.

One source from the Carrion side, said Catsimatidis “believes in Adolfo, especially with the ethnic issue.”

And having a Latino on his ticket couldn’t hurt.

As it now stands, Adolfo will be on the Independence Party line in the mayoral election as he still seeks a third Republican county leader to qualify him for the ballot on the Republican line. He already has Bronx boss Jay Savino and Brooklyn party chief Craig Eaton backing him. He also has a $1.7 million campaign warchest sitting around from prior races.

In other notes from the Carrion carry-on campaign:

•AC may have some ‘splainin’ to do over $15,800 in unexplained cash payments from an old political committee, according to a piece by Daily News investigative reporter Greg Smith. He was previously fined $6,875 by the city Campaign Finance Board for running up an unaccounted for $30,000 tab during his 2005 reelection campaign for boro prez, including trips to Puerto Rico and Disney World – and an $8 tab at McDonald’s.

•While former Bronx Democratic Boss Roberto Ramirez is currently handling Democratic mayoral candidate Bill Thompson out of his Mirram Group, partner David Keisman was handling the show at the Bronx Museum for AC’s mayoral announcement. Go figure.


There’s a new sheriff in town at the previously scandal-wracked Bronx Public Administrator’s office.

Frank Randazzo, the longtime No. 2 guy at the Bronx Overall Economic Development Corp., was sworn in Monday as Bronx Public Administrator by new Bronx Surrogate Judge Nelida Malave-Gonzalez.

The office handles the estates of county residents who die without a will or someone to administer their estate.

Michael Lippman, former longtime legal counsel to former public administrator Esther Rodriguez back in 2006, is STILL awaiting trial on criminal charges, accused of receiving $300,000 in unwarranted fees from estates he had handled. As a result of the criminal case, a judicial panel disciplined former Bronx Surrogate Lee Holzman, who declined to run again for the office.

Given the office’s old history, we figure Frank knows he’ll be under scrutiny, but we’ve known him as a real straight shooter. And he already turned us down to handle some estates….

Frank , whose dad Ben Randazzo is chief of staff to Assemblyman Mike Benedetto, said he’s verbally informed the Bronx Democratic County Committee that he’s stepped down as district leader out of the 82nd Assembly District’s Chippewa Dem Club in the east Bronx. More about a successor in next week’s column.

And in an email blast to friends/colleagues announcing his new job, Frank noted: “if you want to keep my workload manageable please go get yourself a will!”


Barring any last minute appeals, it’s off to Chez Fed on Friday, March 8 for former City Councilman Larry (Bagel Larry) Seabrook, he of the $177 expense account for a $7 bagel and a Snapple, convicted of looting taxpayer-funded non-profits packed with his mistress, family and friends on the payroll.

Sadly, we have just about run out of rascals and do-nothing pols to poke fun at, with federally convicted ex-state Senator Pedro Espada next in line to head off to the pokey.


We got our math a bit confused, writing in a recent column about Borough Prez Ruben Diaz Jr. giving a shoutout to lovely wife Hilda at his State of the Borough. While they were teen sweethearts, they have NOT been married for 24 years. The couple, who both turn 40 this year, celebrated 24 Valentine’s Days together.


Some politicians have been known to drone on, but Parkchester Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda is taking on drones – the kind that fly and spy.

He’s writing legislation to deal with their domestic use because he believes not enough attention’s being paid to the issue, and envisions “that without appropriate safeguards, they can be used for malicious and intrusive purposes.”

He’s open to coordinating with civil libertarian groups to make any bill – if it doesn’t get stuck in the infamous Albany legislative holding pattern – stays ahead of the technology.


Buh-bye to D, TJ, E, Homie and Menace, along with two other members of The Organization, slapped with a federal drugs and guns indictment this week, leaving the corner of Longwood Ave. and Beck St. vacant….


Congrats to Detective Norberto Tirado over at the 44 Squad in Highbridge, upped to Detective Second Grade, earned no doubt learning at Jim Ruane’s knee….


March 1 – Ischia Bravo, exec director, Bronx County Democratic Committee

March 2 – Yiddish writer Sholem Aleichem

March 4 – Kevin “Duffy” Philzone, St. Nicholas of Tolentine’s gift as one of the city’s legendary barkeeps, late of Elaine’s saloon, currently at Jimmy Neary’s on E. 57th.

March 5 – Fran Mahony Reilly, co-district leader, 82nd Assembly District’s Chippewa Dem Club.

March 6 – Former Bronx Boro Prez (and mayoral candidate) Adolfo Carrion.

March 7 – Former 80th Assembly District state committeewoman Diane Cerino.

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