Burke Avenue CVS plans to be rebuilt

One local drugstore is rising from the ashes.

The Burke Avenue CVS where the roof collapsed almost a year ago is being rebuilt, CVS confirmed.

On February 19, 2014, the roof at the CVS caved in, followed by the side-walls. The handful of employees and customers in the store that day all got out of the building unharmed.

But the building could not be saved, and the Department of Buildings ordered that it be demolished immediately. The lot at the corner of White Plains Road has been vacant since.

Some locals had concerns at the time that the loss of the store would create a hardship for seniors trying to get their prescriptions from the next closest CVS on Allerton Avenue, said Father Richard Gorman, chairman of Community Board 12. But he hasn’t heard of any issues, which he feels is because of the numerous other drug stores nearby.

“There are so many of these in the area,” he said.

Over the course of the year, the community’s concern shifted to what would be done with the empty property.

“I always have concerns about vacant lots,” said Gorman. “You don’t know what you’re going to get.”

Gorman was happy to hear that permits have been filed with the DOB to rebuild the CVS.

“I’m glad it’s going back to the status quo,” he said.

And although Gorman said he’d like to have a more diverse range of businesses in the neighborhood with a proliferation of drug stores, he feels another pharmacy is much better than a motel or other seedy establishments.

“I’d rather see drug stores than any type of nefarious use,” said Gorman.

According to a spokesman from CVS, the plans are for the building to be completed and open for business this summer.

Hopefully the new building will fare better than the last.

The reason for the collapse was a failure of the roof’s bow trusses from the weight of snow on the roof, according to documents from the DOB.

The department had issued a weather advisory warning on the day of the collapse, cautioning people that melting snow that collects on roofs can threaten the structural integrity of a building, and that weak, flat roof structures are more likely to collapse under the weight of melting snow.

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