Bronxite monkeypox count increases to above 13% of NYC cases reported so far

The most recently released data from the city shows an increase in the percentage of monkeypox cases coming from the Bronx.
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Although the Bronx has trailed behind Manhattan and Brooklyn in the number of monkeypox cases, the northernmost borough’s cases have now surpassed Queens, according to the city’s most recently released data.

The most recent data released by the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene says the Bronx accounts for 146 of 1,092 cases citywide, or 13.39%. The data, which was released on Thursday, is reflective of Tuesday’s case count, according to the city department.

According to the data, Manhattan saw the most cases with 562 reported while Brooklyn was next with 251 cases.

Queens had 129 cases, while Staten Island reported just four cases.

The data released a week earlier, which was also reflective of cases as of July 19, showed Queens reporting six more cases than the Bronx. That data showed the Bronx consisting of 11.4% of cases, an increase from the 10% previously reported.

But this data is limited, with the total number of citywide cases rising each day. City health officials also acknowledge there are likely many more cases that have not been reported.

On Wednesday, the health department reported 1,148 cases, already 56 more cases than the data reflects. By Friday, there were 1,289 cases reported citywide, indicating that the data released so far is already out of date by 197 cases.

But still, it gives a glimpse of who is getting the virus as recent as this week.

While most reported cases in this outbreak so far are nonstraight men, the sexuality is unknown for 451, or more than 41% of reported cases, according to the data released so far.

Out of the people the health department knows the sexuality of, 620 identified as LGBQ+ and 21 identified as straight.

The gender is unknown for eight cases, while three cisgender women, 1,068 cisgender men and 13 transgender or nonbinary people are reported as getting the virus, according to the data.

The race or ethnicity is unknown for 244 people reported, while 311 people are white, 264 are Hispanic or Latino, 219 are Black, 46 are Asian or Pacific Islander and eight are of another race or ethnicity, according to the data.

Citywide, the largest case count by age demographic so far are people 30-39 with 546 cases. Meanwhile, there has been one case among those 19 years old and younger; 197 cases for ages 20-29; 243 cases for ages 40-49; and 104 cases for ages 50 and older, according to the most recently released data.

To get information about monkeypox vaccine, testing, symptoms, transmission and prevention, see more from the health department here.

This article was updated at 6:54 p.m. on July 29.

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