Bronx Zoo attendance grows 11% over summer

The numbers are in and many area residents decided that the Wildlife Conservation Society’s (WCS) zoos and aquarium were the place to be during July and August. The Bronx Zoo’s new permanent Madagascar! exhibit was certainly the perfect reason to plan a visit. Extraordinary weather and gas prices were also part of the equation that resulted in an attendance increase across the board. Each of the WCS wildlife centers provides an exciting “staycation” adventure for family and friends.

At the Bronx Zoo, attendance rose by 11% against projection or by 78,000 guests over the last two months. The New York Aquarium is also over plan by 9,000 visitors equating to an increase of 3%.

“The increase in attendance is a sure sign that people are staying closer to home. We are, of course, delighted that our WCS zoos and aquarium have been their choice and feel that these venues offer both an entertaining family day out and provide a great educational opportunity to learn about wildlife right in their own backyard,” said Sean McAllister, WCS director of Guest Services.

The Bronx Zoo’s new Madagascar! exhibit is an immersion exhibit that introduces lemurs, huge Nile crocodiles, geckos, a rare species called a fossa, and a baobab tree designed to hold 100,00 hissing cockroaches! A new sea lion pup, tiger enrichment programs, snow leopards, an exotic array of birds and reptilians are just some of the animals to see and learn about during a trip to the zoo.

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