Skateboard legend Tony Hawk’s nonprofit to bring revamped skate parks to Allerton, Soundview Park

The current state of the shuttered skatepark in Soundview Park will soon be revamped and reimagined as “Soundview Skatepark.”
Photo Steven Goodstein

Two dilapidated skate parks in the Bronx will be undergoing a “180” in the near future, with plans to transform them into state-of-the-art skateboard venues in an effort to promote the sport in the borough.

City officials along with local skateboard advocates are behind the plan to overhaul the two existing skating areas via the construction of a skate park at Soundview Park, which will replace a defunct roller rink, and the revamp of the Allerton Skate Park located inside Bronx Park. Multiple city officials and skating enthusiasts are behind the plans, including Mayor Eric Adams, NYC Department of Parks and Recreation (NYC Parks), NYC Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), local council members and the non-profit skateboarding organization The Skatepark Project, along with other local skate advocates.

The total cost of the two new Bronx skate park projects has yet to be announced, as specific plans for each skatepark are in the design phase. It is also unclear when they will be completed.

City officials and advocates for both projects, however, say they plan to work with the community to get input before overhauling and constructing the new skate parks.

“As we develop these spaces in the Bronx, (we are) committed to meeting the needs of the surrounding community through every step of the process,” said Benjamin Bashein, executive director of The Skatepark Project, who also said that the organization works to equip low-income, under-resourced communities with quality skateparks.

Soundview Park Project

The skate park that is planned for Soundview Park will be 15,000 square feet and will replace the existing beaten-up asphalt rink located in the park, according to The Skatepark Project, a skateboard advocacy group formerly known as the Tony Hawk Foundation. Soundview Skatepark, which will be custom poured-in-place, is being co-designed by Tyshawn Jones, a professional skateboarder, along with The Skatepark Project.

Jones is a New York City native, who grew up close to Soundview Park, and has advocated for improved access to the sport of skateboarding in his community for years.

The plan for Soundview Skatepark will also include spectator seating, which a representative for The Skatepark Project says will “attract visitors and allow community members to witness the development of the next generation of skateboard stars in the Bronx.” It is unclear what the seating capacity for the project will be at this stage.

The roller rink at the park is currently shuttered and closed off to the skating public.

The funding and support for the Soundview project is being led by Mayor Adams’ office as well as Council Member and Majority Leader Amanda Farías.

“I am excited to be working with Mayor Adams, NYC Parks, NYCEDC and The Skatepark Project to bring a state-of-the-art skate park to the Soundview community,” said Farías, who represents Council District 18, which includes Soundview, along with the Castle Hill, Clason Point, Harding Park, Parkchester, Shorehaven and the Unionport neighborhoods.

Farías, who is a Soundview native, added that she used to skateboard to and from school back when she was in grade school — making her incredibly proud to support this project.

“Skate parks help to build and sustain healthy communities while also giving our young people the opportunity to practice a sport that provides exercise, time outside in our community and a sense of self-esteem.”

Farías confirmed that she will be allocating $1.5 million toward the Soundview Skatepark project.

“This project is a huge investment in the future of the Bronx and in our Bronx youth,” Farías added. “After the COVID-19 pandemic, our young New Yorkers deserve safe spaces to meet and share experiences — and that is what we are building for them with this project.”

Bronx Skatepark

The second project involves a complete overhaul of the Allerton Skate Park, located just off of Bronx Park East in between Arnow Avenue and Britton Street, in the Allerton neighborhood. The revamped venue will be renamed Bronx Skatepark.

For this project, The Skatepark Project also plans to work with local advocates and stakeholders to ensure the expansion and redevelopment of the skate park meets the needs of the community.

Bert Correa, a longtime skating enthusiast who is playing a role in the design, said that the new Bronx Skatepark will be based off the park’s current infrastructure.  He said that it will be a concrete-poured skate park — as opposed to being prefabricated like the existing one — and it will come with brand new wedge ramps, quarter pipes, pyramids and round rails that will all be developed onsite.

Correa, who is the co-founder of the Manny Santiago Foundation, a non-profit organization named after Puerto Rican skateboarder Manny Santiago that promotes the sport, said that the existing steel ramps will also be replaced with a contemporary concrete renovation to improve accessibility, capacity and functionality.

Additionally, a pathway to the nearby water fountain will be added to the site and the space will be designed to minimize sanctioned graffiti, with a design aesthetic that focuses on community art and colorful concrete.

Allerton Skatepark, within Bronx Park, will be known as “Bronx Skatepark” after it is revamped. Photo Steven Goodstein

Through the Manny Santiago Foundation, Correa launched the Battle for the Bronx skateboarding competition in 2009 and has always made it a mission to make the skateboarding culture more prominent in the borough.

“These projects will allow local skateboarding youth to hone their skills and to keep getting better — while also improving their self-esteem,” Correa said.

“Being involved in this project truly means the world to me,” said Correa, who was born and raised in the Bronx and began skating in the late 1980s. “I feel like the Bronx is always left behind — with limited contests, shops and parks in the borough. But I know this community is definitely worth investing in when it comes to these new skate parks.”

A SUNY Delhi alum who also worked for NYC Parks for seven years before joining the Manny Santiago Foundation, Correa said that in his opinion, out of all of the skate parks in the borough on the list for renovations, the skatepark within Bronx Park needed a revamp the most.

Correa, who spent the first seven years of his life on University Avenue in the West Bronx before his family moved to Eastchester Gardens in the East Bronx, says that transforming the nearly two-decade old skate park has been a vision of his for years, having grown up in the area and also frequenting the skate park in the past.

“The goal here is to create a beacon for skateboarders right here in the Bronx,” Correa added. “We want local skateboarders to continue pushing themselves to be better and better — so eventually they can make a living off of their skills.

The funding and support for this park is being led by Mayor Adams’ office, along with Council Members Oswald Feliz of District 15, Eric Dinowitz of District 11 and Kevin Riley of District 12.

According to The Skatepark Project, there is currently not an official design or timetable for either of the Bronx skate parks, as certain aspects pertaining to the two projects are still being determined.

“We are excited about two new skate parks coming to our borough,” said Borough President Vanessa Gibson via Instagram. “We look forward to working with our council members, the NYC Parks Department and The Skatepark Project to bring recreational and sports opportunities for our children and families.”

Bashein added that the Soundview and Bronx skate parks will draw visitors to the borough and will be an economic boon.

“The (two Bronx skate parks) are exciting projects that will incorporate community input and provide recreational spaces for people of all ages to gather together,” said Bashein, who added that The Skatepark Project was honored to be part of the revitalization of skate culture in the Bronx.

“We believe skateboarding to be a life changing sport — one that is empowering for young people looking to build confidence and participate in their community, and we are so excited to witness the impact on the Bronx community and see these two parks come to life,” Bashein added.

Brooklyn will also see two new skateparks in the next three years, which will be located in Mt. Prospect Park and Crown Heights.

According to The Skatepark Project, skate parks transcend the sport and end up becoming gathering places for the community.

“We believe skateboarding to be a life-changing sport — one that is empowering for young people looking to build confidence and participate in their community,” Bashein said. “That is why we have invested in this partnership with New York City — to bring the benefits of skateboarding to millions of New Yorkers.

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