Bronx Native expanding to a second market location

Bronx Native expanding to a second market location
Artwork for Bronx Native Market.
Photo courtesy of Bronx Native

The clothing company that puts a stamp on Bronx culture is expanding. Bronx Native of 127 Lincoln Avenue will be opening a second location at 866 Hunts Point Avenue during this summer.

This location though will be called the Bronx Native Market and will have a slightly different feel than the brick and mortar shop adjacent to the Third Avenue Bridge.

“What we’re going to do with this space is make it for Bronx and uptown creatives and brands to sell their own apparel and merchandise,” said Bronx native owner and founder Amaurys Grullon.

The aim of Bronx Native since its ‘day one’ inception has been to promote an uptown culture and show what beauty, creativity, and style lies in the Bronx that’s been overlooked for far too long.

“We thought, what’s a better way to do that then bring in more of the Bronx and give a space to such a creative community,” he continued.

This expansion comes just a few weeks after Bronx Native had been feature on the Viceland TV show, ‘Hustle’ where a fellow Bronxite by the name of John Henry gave the business some quality tips and tricks to dominate the Bronx market.

“(The show) helped us learn a lot,” Grullon said. “Some of what we learned is why we’re able to open up the Bronx Native Market. We hope it’s all up from here,” the entrepreneur continued.

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