Bronx Native designer clothing now featured at JFK popup

Bronx Native designer clothing now featured at JFK popup|Bronx Native designer clothing now featured at JFK popup
Some of the merchandise on display at JFK Aiprort.
Bronx Native

The locally popular Bronx Native clothing store is pulling tourists in an entirely new way.

The brand landed a pop up deal at JFK Airport to sell its iconic Bronx merchandise throughout the summer and longer at the travel hub in southern Queens.

Paradies Lagardere, the official merchandising company for the international airport was immediately drawn to Bronx Native for its authentic, city-feel that’s displayed in the brand’s shirts, hats and other merchandise.

“They told us they were looking for a local and grassroots brand to fill their shelves,” said Bronx Native owner Amaurys Grullon. “One of the representatives came into the shop to check out our gear, they loved our brand and sealed up the deal,” he continued.

In the airport’s many terminals you can find Bronx Native’s classic, navy blue ‘El Bronx’ T-shirt alongside the brand’s purple ‘Bronx Women’ fitted shirt as part of the new collection.

“This coming just months after we opened the Bronx Native Market in Hunts Point has been massive for growing the brand,” Grullon said, mentioning how many travellers have sent in photos of the Bronx Native gear while catching flights.

“We have some more very exiting projects in the works, but it feels great to see the Bronx being represented outside of the Bronx, that’s our goal and our intention, to bring the borough to the world,” Grullon exclaimed.

The newly painted gate at the Bronx Native Market in Hunts Point.
Bronx Native

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