Independent film shot in Mott Haven neighborhood

Independent film shot in Mott Haven neighborhood
‘Inside Out/Outside In’ is a visually stunning independent art piece filmed in Mott Haven.
Photo by Jennifer Klein

“Take a picture of my neighborhood and make something beautiful” is the mantra inspiring an independent film recently shot in the south Bronx.

Though it appears on the film’s currency, this statement actually came from a resident happy to see a crew shooting this movie in his neighborhood.

Filmed in Mott Haven, ‘Inside Out/Outside In’ is a dance film and live performance art piece created in collaboration by filmmaker Jennifer Klein and 277 Dance Project. Its cast consists of five dancers and one actor.

The independent film was shot inside a working Delbia Do Factory located at 2550 Park Avenue and was filmed around its hours of operation.

‘Inside Out/Outside In’ is best described as a visually stunning art piece occurring in a factory where each character has a specific role and face life from the inside-out and outside-in.

Initially, these people appear almost robotic and lack individuality, but reveal their true nature with clarity through symbolism and visual clues.

Filmed in a unique grayish blue hue, ‘Inside Out/Outside In’ depicts the daily struggles workers face inhabiting this gloomy world devoid of dialogue.

“We altered the color temperature to achieve an artistic tone and as a stylistic choice,” Klein expressed. “This is a very ‘un-Hollywood movie’ and what you will hear in it is actual sound bites taken from the block we filmed.”

The film explores such powerful themes as social power, injustice, and self-perception, the latter which is considered the main motif.

Klein expressed a lifelong interest in filming and while living in England at age 16, she filmed Cornwall fishermen as part of a film project.

Her background includes experience in production design and film design and she has worked on several Broadway shows including ‘Grand Hotel’, ‘Anything Goes’, and ‘Waiting for Godot’.

Klein has film experience most notably shooting two documentaries following the 2010 Haitian earthquake and what doctors experience there everyday.

“I’m inspired by the places I’ve lived in and by the people I meet. They’re a great source of inspiration and whenever you put yourself into another neighborhood, you really absorb a lot around you,” she shared.

Founded in 2008, 277 Dance Project’s mission is to create emotionally driven work and collaborates with theater artists, original music, and visual art to establish works evoking emotion, empathy, and deeper meaning.

“It was a great experience working with Jennifer and seeing how she transformed the neighborhood all around us into this magical world. It’s a very abstract film serving as an art piece that is open to interpretation,” Nicole Philippidis, 277 Dance Project choreographer and artistic director revealed.

The film’s score was composed by Philippidis’ brother Johnny Philips.

“The score is very industrial in its composition and stays true to the sounds of the environment of the factory,” Philippidis explained.

Klein and Philippidis met last August to discuss the film’s concept and recently finished a two-day shoot for the movie’s main scenes.

Both described the experience as being great yet challenging given the amount of work needed to perfect this visual masterpiece and they hope people will be able to connect with the final product.

Currently in the editing phase, ‘Inside Out/Outside In’ is scheduled to premiere later this fall.

To view behind-the-scenes footage and updates for ‘Inside Out/Outside In’, visit!current-project/cjwe.

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