As Bronx Week approaches we highlight borough’s creativity

As Bronx Week approaches we highlight borough’s creativity
(l-r) Dr. Peter Semczuk, Montefiore Moses and Wakefield Campuses Senior Vice president and executive director; Bronx Walk of Fame 2019 inductee Iran ‘The Blade’ Barkley and Borough President Diaz.
Photo courtesy of Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr.’s Office

A wise person once compared the Bronx to a phoenix. Just like that of mythological bird, the Bronx has risen from its ashes to become a shining and vibrant epicenter of culture.

Actually, it is that accentuated culture which has brought the Bronx to its ‘uptown renaissance’.

It’s seen daily through the creative minds like Castle Hill’s beloved graffiti artist Tony Cruz, who won’t let blindness stop his own artistic vision, to other visionaries like Soundview and Pelham Bay’s Jerome Lamaar, who sculpted the south Bronx into its current thriving form, to businesses proudly run by Bronxites like The Lit Bar and Bronx Native.

It’s these people and many more that make outsiders want to invest in a bettering Bronx and take the borough to new heights.

With all of these bountiful and emerging parts to the Bronx, some of the borough’s old world charm is also a refreshing and enchanting change of pace to a rather rapid and hustling surrounding society.

That was best shown when the late and loveable Mike Greco would dance on the counters of Mike’s Deli of the Arthur Avenue Retail Market to entertain his customers or when Throggs Neck crossing guard Ethel Vann smiles and waves to literally the entire neighborhood day in and day out.

Who said the Bronx was a tough place?

The borough’s waterfront is beautiful and is now connected to Manhattan through the NYC Ferry Service.

There’s a reason the city will be expanding the service from Soundview to Throggs Neck’s Ferry Point Park.

It’s so that the rest of New York can enjoy the beautiful, east Bronx shoreline on the Long Island Sound during a summer day.

Similar sentiment is behind why the east Bronx will be getting four Metro North stations in upcoming years.

The secret is out, and we eagerly encourage the few remaining skeptics to come on over and see for themselves the wonderful experience the Bronx has to offer.

If that isn’t incentive enough to believe in the Bronx and the culture, then perhaps you need a taste of the borough.

Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. will attest that a recent culinary explosion is leading to a whole new era for the Bronx…and nothing puts you on the map faster than outstanding food.

Food so phenomenal that it’s raved about by Anthony Bourdain, just like he did with Milk Burger of Mott Haven.

Of course, there’s Thrasher Magazine’s Skater of the Year Tyshawn Jones’ Taste So Good (Make You Wanna Smack Your Mamma) Caribbean joint in Soundview as well.

Seriously, you just don’t get that anywhere else.

So here’s to all of the Bronx’s risk takers, go getters, and believers.

You are making the borough a better place: it is you who took pride in your home, to improve rather than simply run away, and it is you that make up New York’s most outstanding county.

Enjoy Bronx Week!

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