Biaggi introduces plan to help moms and caregivers recover from COVID-19

Senator Biaggi introduced a bill that would help women recover from the pandemic.
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As the city slowly recovers from the pandemic and people get vaccinated, one lawmaker is trying to help women get back on their feet.

On March 11, Senator Alessandra Biaggi introduced a bill that would create a task force to help mothers and caregivers  and study how to provide direct payments to them, return women to the workforce and address issues such as childcare, paid family leave and family supportive policies in workplaces.

Historically, women have faced a disproportionate responsibility of caregiving. The increased demands of child care, work and remote learning during the pandemic have had unprecedented strain on the mental and emotional health of mothers and have led to many  leaving the workforce.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, women account for 55% of overall net job loss, with Black and Latina women suffering job loss at a 60% higher rate than white women,” Biaggi said. “This is a devastating reality. Even prior to the pandemic, mothers and caregivers have been an invisible workforce left financially unsupported despite being the key to families’ economic security and survival. COVID-19 has only exacerbated these struggles. I’m proud to introduce the Marshall Plan for Moms in New York to develop bold solutions to prioritize women and caregivers in the COVID-19 recovery.”

The task force will be composed of the Commissioners of Labor and Social Services and the chairperson of the Worker’s Compensation Board of the State of New York. Additional members will be appointed by the temporary president of the Senate, the Speaker of the Assembly, the Minority Leader of the Senate and the Minority Leader of the Assembly. The task force will hold five public hearings around the state and conclude with a report of its findings and recommendations to the legislature within one year. 

Dawn Rowe, founder of Girl Vow, which helps teenage girls in the Bronx

“Devising the Marshall Plan is the work in progress needed to close the gaps for single mothers who are the bedrock of our families and single handedly growing our communities,” Rowe said. “I hope this allows other states to take notice.”

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