Annual indoor walk recognizes February Heart Month

Staff and attendees before the ‘Montefiore Mile.’
Photo by Jewel Webber

To kick off February Heart Month 2020, Montefiore Medical Center held the ‘Montefiore Mile’ on Monday, February 3 at the hospital’s Moses Campus, where hospital staff and patients walked a designated indoor, one-mile path. The ‘Montefiore Mile’ walk was led by Dr. Peter Semczuk and Dr. Mario Garcia and was held to continue to spread awareness for heart health in the community and remind people to care about their heart health.

Myrisha Peguero (l) and Delia Osborne from the Department of Cardiology at table with bags for attendees who completed the walk.
Photo by Jewel Webber

Montefiore associates cheer as they finish their one mile walk around the indoor track known as the ‘Montefiore Mile.’
Photo courtesy of Montefiore Medical Center

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