Annual Bronx Independent Festival

Films to be screened March 18 to 20 are “Nasty Old People” by Hannah Nilsson (Sweden, World Premiere), “Birthday Free For All” by Jason Paris (USA, World Premiere), “The Other Side of Paradise” by Justin D. Hilliard (USA), “Beneath the River” by Brian Strine (USA, World Premiere), “5 Lost at Sea” by Jesse Martin & Josh Schmidt (Australia, World Premiere) and “The Hemingway Night” by Gary Mairs (USA).

Films screened in the 1st half of BXFF include “The Veiled Commodity” by Dickson Chow (Canada, World Premiere), “Stalk Much?” by Bill Baykan (USA), “Le Prix A Payer” by Paul Gayard (France), “Grace” by Alrick Brown (USA, World Premiere), “Word on the $treet” by Nick Barbieri (USA), “What Is She To You?” by Alden Burgess (USA), “Draw” by Ryan Pearce (USA, World Premiere), “LAND GEWINNEN (Gaining Ground)” by Marc Brummund (Germany),”Killer” by Jack Riccobono (USA), “Ricochet” by Samantha Silver (USA/UK), “The Lionshare” by Josh Bernhard (USA), “Myna Se Va” by Sonia Escolano and Sadrac Gonzalez-Perejjon (Spain), “Long Distance” by Moritz Siebert (UK), “Frankie 13 vs The World” by James Eowan (USA), “A Song For Ourselves” by Tadashi Nakamura (USA), “I Am a Man: From Memphis, a Lesson in Life” by John Hubbell (USA), “Waiting for Women” by Estephan Wagner (UK), and “After the Island” by Todd Dayton (USA, World Premiere).

Winners of best narrative and best documentary will be announced later this month.

Submissions for the 8th Annual Bronx Independent Festival scheduled for June 17 to 19 are now open.


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