Andrew Yang visits the Bronx during his mayoral announcement

Andrew Yang and Congressman Torres hand out food
Photos by Jason Cohen

Today, entrepreneur, nonprofit executive and former Democratic Presidential Candidate, Andrew Yang, launched his campaign for mayor of New York City.

Among the many stops he made was a visit to the Food Distribution Center at Dennis Lane, 2141 Crotona Ave.

“I’m running for mayor for a very simple reason — our city is in crisis and I believe I can help,” Yang said. “We have been failing too many people for too long. Though the issues facing New Yorkers today are worse than they were a year ago, the root causes took hold long before this pandemic. To bring our City back, we need to make our home the nation’s leading anti-poverty city. As Mayor, I will launch the largest basic income program in the history of the country, right here in New York City. We will lift hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers out of deep poverty, putting cash relief directly into the hands of those who desperately need help now.”

Joining Yang for the announcement and at the food distribution was Congressman Ritchie Torres, who has signed on to the campaign as co-chair.

“New York City is confronting a crisis the likes of which we have never seen before,” Torres said. “The times we live in require a transformational leader who offers a clean break from the politics of the past, a relentless problem-solver who will make our city work not just for political insiders but for all New Yorkers. To that end, I am honored to join Martin Luther King III as a Co-Chair for the Mayoral campaign of Andrew Yang who, through his unwavering commitment to universal basic income, has been a national champion of lifting people out of poverty and making our city and our country work for those who have been left behind.”


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