A Call For Action! Small Business Rally At City Hall

Councilman Gjonaj (c) led the ‘Protect NYC Jobs and Businesses Rally’ on the steps of City Hall.
Photo by Lincoln Anderson

Small business owners joined Councilman Mark Gjonaj for ‘A Call for Action! Small Business Rally’ on Thursday, June 28 on the steps of City Hall. The councilman and many others spoke out against the mayor’s proposed $1.5 billion increase in new taxes and fees which would be passed onto already struggling business owners and even more fines and regulations.

SBJSA advocates Marni Halasa (front, r) and Ray Rogers (r) worry that Gjonaj and his fellow Small Business Committee members will try to modify the bill to weaken its protections for mom-and-pop shops.
Photo by Lincoln Anderson

John Bonizio (c), Westchester Square Business Improvement District chairman and Metro Optics owner, gave his two cents on the mayor’s plan.
Photo courtesy of Assemblyman Michael Benedetto’s Office

Throggs Neck Merchants Association president Bobby Jaen (r) and board member Gerri Colon (c) joined local merchants and Gjonaj in denoucing the mayor’s proposed increase.
Photo courtesy of Bobby Jaen

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