Amtrak cleanup

Councilman Jimmy Vacca arranged for a cleaning of the tracks along with Amtrak for the tracks along Sackett Avenue on wednesday, May 8.
Photo by Kirsten Sanchez

Amtrak finally got on track recently with some civic responsibility.

After hundreds of calls from local community members around the Morris Park area, Amtrak workers finally cleaned the railroad tracks along Sackett Avenue.

Workers hauled large bags of accumulated garbage up from the tracks, along with some other interesting finds.

One cleanup worker said he found a copperhead snake’s nest, while another said he found a Sears tire, something he said has not been produced in 50 years.

The cleanup took place on the stretch of track between Williamsbridge Road and Paulding Avenue on Wednesday, May 8.

The clean up came at the request of Councilman Jimmy Vacca, after locals in the area became concerned about the possibility of litter causing track fires, train accidents, and other major issues.

The cost for the one day clean up was about $8,000.

“Too many people walk by the Amtrak railroad tracks along Sackett Avenue and treat it as if it’s their own personal waste basket,” Vacca said. “Many safety issues emerge when train tracks and the areas around it are not kept cleaned and I thank Amtrak for bringing their attention to this serious matter.”

One of workers suggested putting trash cans along Sackett Avenue as a possible solution.

Paulette Sorg, president of the 1541-1551 Williamsbridge Road Tenants Association,

commended the councilman on leading the way on this effort.

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