AOC, Rivera, Biaggi and Stringer endorse Jamaal Bowman for NY-16 Democratic candidate

Jamaal Bowman
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After squaring off against his opponents Tuesday in a debate,  Jamaal Bowman’s chances of getting elected got  much better this week.

He received endorsements from Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Senator Gustavo Rivera, Senator Alessandra Biaggi and Comptroller Scott Stringer.

On Wednesday night, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez threw her support behind the progressive Bowman. AOC has clout, so this could put him over the top in a few weeks in the June 23 primary.

Engel, who spends most of his time in Maryland, should now fear his time is up.

AOC endorses BowmanCourtesy of Campaign for Jamaal Bowman

“Jamaal has dedicated the last decade of his life serving his community as a school principal and community servant,” AOC said on Twitter.  “I could tell you all about him, but he tells his story better than anyone else.”

On Twitter, Bowman expressed gratitude toward the congresswoman for her endorsement.

“Wow. I am so grateful for this endorsement,” Bowman said on Twitter. “@AOC’s commitment to working people of all backgrounds, her engaged presence, and her commitment to a more responsive Democratic Party have inspired me immensely. We’re building an amazing coalition to deliver change in #NY16.”

On Thursday, Senator Gustavo Rivera backed Bowman as well.

“Jamaal Bowman is the future,” Rivera said. “Our community is in pain and needs leadership that is on the ground and ready to address the challenges we face. Jamaal has fought for our families and our community for decades, and done so with passion, kindness and conviction. He is the leader we need at this moment and I am proud to endorse him.”

Bowman thanked Rivera for his support.

“I am honored to have earned the endorsement of a devoted public servant and true fighter for our community like Senator Rivera,” Bowman said. “Sen. Rivera is a true ally in the fight for our families who want better schools, fairer justice and greater opportunity. At a time when it has bever been more important for state and federal government to come together for the people of New York, I look forward to working with him as the next Congressman from District 16.”

Then on Friday just as the week was wrapping up, Bowman announced endorsements from Senator Alessandra Biaggi and Comptroller Scott Stringer. Biaggi’s 34th Senate district represents huge swaths of the 16th Congressional District, including parts of the Bronx and Westchester County.

“Jamaal Bowman has served his community for over ten years as an educator, and has stood out as a true leader who understands what people need in this crisis. He’ll be a strong voice for Westchester and the Bronx in Congress,” Biaggi said. “I’m proud to endorse Jamaal Bowman, a candidate who I believe will not only win this race, but go on to become a rare, much-needed transformational leader in Washington.”

On a radio show yesterday, Biaggi explained why she had retracted her previous support for Engel, saying “We have an obligation to fight like hell to ensure our communities are represented by someone who wants to be there. We need someone who is focused on the future. I cannot stand behind somebody who refuses to stand for a district that is in great need during this transformational moment of change.

“I am honored to have earned Senator Biaggi and Comptroller Stringer’s endorsements and to fight alongside them in the pursuit of the social, economic, racial, and environmental justice for the Bronx and Westchester,” Bowman  said. “With just days to go until this election, I am immensely grateful to have Senator Biaggi and Comptroller Stringer’s support as we head to the finish line.”


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