AFC Rapid Soccer final spring highlights, and trophy day

AFC RAPID CHAMPS Team Al-Boro Security locked up the opposition this past weekend securing them first place of the A.F.C. Rapid Soccer League. The game was close and well fought against Schuyler Hill Funeral Home that resulted in a 3 – 1 victory after two 5 minute overtime periods. The championship team (l-r, front row) are Edward Delatorre #9, Leiamarie Ortiz #13, William Tracy #4, Nicholas Sacco #7, Kevin Kocovic #12, Alfred Beqirai #2, Anthony Pressimone #6, Zenaida Perez #8, Michael Delatorre #5, Taylor Russin #10, Kaylen Aviles #11 and (not pictured) Hong Sen Du #3. (Back row) are cach Eddie Delatorre, assistant coach Anthony Pressimone, and assistant coach Marie Angeli.

The final installment of AFC Rapid Soccer highlights are as follows:

March 22: Porco Public put the Bear Bus into Hibernation, 5-0. The scoring came from Xavier Sanchez, Esteban Rivera and Angelina Sanabria with a hat trick. Pushing the “O” were Frank Turul and Anthony Cuomo. The rock solid defensive wall was supplied by Ariani Villani and Mia Marie Aquino.

March 28: The taxes were collected by the preparers as NCJA Income Tax defeated Fusion Fitness, 3-0. The top collectors were Eric Stein (2) and John Healy (1). Sharpening the pencils were Keith Lancaster, Mohammed Arifov and Jonathon Cerini. Manning the shredders were Michael Healy.

April 4: The tax men came calin again as NCJA Income Tax defeated C I Construction, 3-2. Scoring came from Eric Stein (2) and Emeruwu N’duicue (1). The offensive push was given by John Healy, Keith Lancaster, Jr. and Jonathon Cerini. The “D” was supplied by Michael Healy and Michael DiPreta.

April 5: B & A Plumbing “flooded” Silvestri Carpet, 6-2. Denis Alevis had the double Hat trick ( all six goals ) but it was a well played game.

Finest Auto Body put Westchester Bronx OB/GYN in the maternity ward, 2-1. Mary Kate Connolly pushed the “O” leading to scores by Sabrina D’Ancone and Danae Dookie. The defense was held by Marielisa Andoloro.

Capital Shield Agency defeated Ann Clair Deli, 3-0. The strong offensive showing was lead by Julia DiMarco, Alex Kosko, Rebecca Cerini & Nicholas Matranga, which lead to goals by Brennan Leone (2) and Cristina Santina(1). The stone wall came from Luke Cunaj and Daysha Colon.

The final teams were:

Bantams: First place, Al-Boro Security; second place, Schuyler Hill F.H.; runner-up Cross town Diner and Edgewater AA.

Minors: First place, NCJA Income Tax; second place, Vito’s Deli; runner-up, Carillo Construction and C I Contracting.

Intermediates: First place, B & A Plumbing; second place, S & J Marine.

Boys Majors: First place, OLA Church; second place, Geronimo’s Deli.

Girls Majors: First place, Finest Auto Body; second place, Capt Mike’s Diving.

AFC Rapid Scholarships: Hannah Sullivan and Kristin Carew.

Registration for 2009/2010 season is Monday, May 11 at Guiding Star K of C. For additional info refer to web site

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