Column: It’s time to get tougher on illegal dirt bikes and ATVs

Illegal dirt bikes taken off the street by the 46th Precinct.
Photo courtesy NYPD Twitter
On the heels of the tragedy our city bared witness to in Queens, where a young boy was struck by an unlawful dirt bike rider, and in a year where just the first three months saw eight deaths and more than 350 injuries related to dirt bikes and ATVs, enough is enough. Unfortunately, our Bronx is not immune to this summer crisis either, and as your local lawmaker, I have an obligation to secure the safety of my constituents.
I am in the process of drafting a set of legislation to heighten penalties on illegal and reckless use of dirt bikes and ATVs, and enhance NYPD ability to engage this public safety issue. Chiefly, my legislation will seek to increase existing penalties for unlawful use, reckless operation and any kinds of street racing by 50% of their current maximum, while raising the minimum level of fine. Additional bills will look to leverage existent technology and suggest modes of training and enforcement strategy to help our NYPD officers respond to this issue in a way that is just, safe and balanced.
We look to the mayor’s administration and the community for support as we intend to move this legislation from drafting to introduction to voting to passage. Any input on this legislation will be well-received and appreciated, especially as some of you with first-hand experience witnessing these issues can offer special insight.
For further information, or any concern related or unrelated to this issue, please contact my office at either or at (718) 931-1721. Be well and stay safe, it is my privilege to represent the Bronx and the wonderful constituents of Council District 13.

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