Letter: Campaigns should pay kids to clean up political signage

Photo courtesy Facebook
Dear Editor,
The 2021 NYC Democratic Party Primary has come and gone. This reminds me of “The Outer Limits,” a 1960’s television show. With the end of round the clock commercials by politicians, political action groups and pay-to-play special interest groups, we now return control of your television back to you until the November general election cycle.  No more candidates’ campaign mailings clogging mailboxes and weighing down our hard-working postal employees. Finally, some peace and quite!  
Now if only all the winning and losing candidates would pick up all the thousands of campaign signs that litter our streets to help clean up our environment. All can use leftover campaign funds to hire either the Boy Scouts or the Girl Scouts to collect this litter.  They could pay our young people a nominal fee which I’m sure would be appreciated.
Larry Penner

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