Early numbers show AOC with no contest win over Caruso-Cabrera

File photo

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ended up facing less than a tight race in her primary against well known hispanic journalist Michelle Caruso Cabrera and others to reclaim the 14th Congressional District seat for the east Bronx and northwest Queens.

Unofficial results from the New York State Board of Elections show AOC in a commanding 19,043 to 5,188 lead against Caruso-Cabrera with 449 of 449 districts reporting numbers as of a few minutes ago.

While AOC has not Tweeted out a victory message at this time, Caruso-Cabrera did take to Twitter, thanking her staff on the campaign that had been run, although a public concession has not been made by her at this time.

Other candidates, Samuel Sloan and Badrun Khan each picked up less than five percent of the total vote for the Democratic primary.

A neighboring congressional race between longtime incumbent Eliot Engel and newcomer Jamaal Bowman is also heating up for the 16th District as Bowman is reportedly ahead of Engel 8,908 to 5,191 with 213 of 732 districts reporting at this time.

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