Williamsbridge Center residents celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day 2021.v1
The Two Cupids and the Big Heart, staffers Johan Guzman, Kamal Browder and Alexis Torres
Photos courtesy of the Williamsbridge Center

The Recreation Department at Williamsbridge Center on Tomlinson Avenue loves to entertain their residents for birthdays, holidays and other special events, so Valentine’s Day this year was no different.

Arrows of love knock Down Kamal, a.k.a., the Big Heart

Giving out roses and chocolates to the residents was not only in store for Valentine’s Day, but there was also entertainment as two cupids had fun arrowing down the Big Heart.  Both residents and staff enjoyed the show and for the Big Heart, well the lovable cupids had a blast rolling back their bows.

“My team is amazing,” said Monique Sampson, recreation director.  “The way they always cheer up the residents is priceless.  We are already working on St. Patty’s Day.”

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