Warriors Football closes out 65th season

Players, coaches and parents from the Warriors Football Club enjoy their 65th Annual Award Ceremony on Thursday, February 23.
Photo by Laura Stone

The Warriors Football Club celebrated the close of another season and looking forward to continuing its tradition of helping youth build their bodies and minds next season.

The football league for youth held its 65th Annual Awards Ceremony at Scavello’s on the Island on Thursday, February 23.

League officials honored four sponsors who have supported the Warriors for the past three decades – since they switched from being a travel team to being a community-based intermural sporting league.

Since 1985, sponsors Ralph Giordano Funeral Home, O’Connor Carpets, McNulty Funeral Home and Schuyler Hill Funeral Home have been steadfast sponsors and were honored, along with the players and coaches, said Joe DeSimone, Warriors president.

“In 1985, because there was such demand in the local area because other organizations were closing down, Jay Demers started the Warriors football organization and they were our original sponsors,” said DeSimone.

The owner of one of the honored businesses, James McQuade of Schuyler Hill Funeral Home, said that he supports and partners with the league because he supports anything that is for the benefit of the community youth.

“I see it is a good way for the kids to grow up and learn organized sports and I think it is an asset to the community,” said McQuade, adding “Anything that helps get these kids off the street, and get organized, I support 100 percent.”

Demers originally founded the Warriors travel team in Manhattan in 1952, and later moved it to the Bronx, but for the first few decades it was a travel team, said DeSimone.

Today there is an age 14 and under travel team that continues that tradition, he said.

The league is already gearing up for next season, with a free speed and agility clinic slated to run in Pelham Bay Park every Tuesday and Thursday from Tuesday, April 4 through the end of Thursday, June 29, said the league president.

The strength and conditioning clinic is designed to get youth who may be interested in playing football in shape for the fall.

Focuses of the clinic include obstacle courses, racing in track events including the 40-yard-dash and agility drills, said the league president.

Every two weeks, the youth receive results from their races to see if they are improving or not, said DeSimone.

“It gets them in shape…we see incredible improvements,” he said, adding “Parents rave about it.”

The football season for the league, which serves children ranging from five to 14-years-old, begins in August.

The league hosts a flag football league for five to seven-year-olds and several tackle leagues: a junior pee wee league for seven to nine-year-olds, a pee wee league for ten to 13-year-olds, said the league president, in addition to the travel league.

All of the leagues have a weight limit to ensure safety, added the league president.

To learn more about Warriors programs or to register visit: www.bronxwarriorsfootball.com.

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