Warrior Football weekend highlights, standings

Flag Division

The Warrior Flag Division ended the 2009 season this past weekend. The games played on Saturday were the last of the regular season games. While the games played on Sunday were the make-up games from November 14th.

The following players turned in outstanding plays:

Patricia’s II Black Feet – Damon Peruso and Elijah Harper

Busco’s Deli & Catering Cherokee – Peter Monteleoni and Anthony Esposito

Parkview Sports Center Delaware – Carmine Castiello and Ty Bernardi

Barino’s Market Mohicans – Joseph Peloso and Peter Lisanti

Westchester Medical Shawnee – Carlo Volpe and Logan Arroyo

Middletown Animal Clinic Sioux – Robert O’Connell and Jordan Walker

Mite Division

The North Bronx Paint & Hardware Jets and Youth Star Photo Giants were the only two unbeaten teams left in the Mite Division. The first meeting of these teams was rained out, so the Jets were faced with the daunting task of beating the same team twice on back to back days. The first game on Saturday started with the Jets on defense. The Jets “D” quickly reminded everyone why they were still unbeaten by forcing a fumble which was recovered by Divine Bramble. The Offense then took over and drove the ball down the field with ease scoring a touchdown on a quarterback sneak by Gerard Weihe. The extra point was not successful, so the Jets were up 6-0. Once again, the Jets’ defense took the field, and once again they caused a fumble, this one recovered by Cameron Gomes. The Jet’s defense, however, gave up a touchdown right before the half making the game a 6-6 tie at halftime. At the start of the third quarter, the Jets second offense took the field and put the ball in the end zone on the very first play with a run right up the middle for 55 yards by Divine Bramble. The Jets were now in the lead 12-6. The defense went on to cause another fumble, which was recovered by James Bloss, and shut down the Giants’ offense for the rest of the game. Outstanding performances were turned in by defense linebackers Conrad Perry and Jayden Goins. Defensive end Cameron Gomes also played a great game, along with the three headed monster on the line made up of Armani Rodriguez, Wills Kendrick-Holmes and Divine Bramble. The Jets were now 6-0-1.

The Jets were now the only unbeaten team in the Mite Division going into the second game against the Giants on Sunday. The beginning of the game felt like “déjà vu all over again”. The Jets’ defense started with a big hit for a fumble recovered by Evan Roche. The offense would take over and put together a nice drive but did not get any points out of it. The Jets “D” then gave up a touchdown with one big play but stopped the point after attempt putting them behind 6-0. However, the defense would be the main reason why the Jets were still in the game. The rest of the game would be a defensive struggle and a battle for field position. Tremendous defensive performances were turned in by Cameron Gomes, Conrad Perry, Jayden Goins and Evan Roche. The “D” line, especially Armani Rodriguez, Wills Kendrick-Holmes and Divine Bramble were wreaking havoc all day. The Jets “D” would win the battle for field position. Conrad Perry busted through the line on a third and long to make one of his many tackles in the back field forcing the Giants to punt and give the ball back to the Jets with a minute and 50 seconds left to play. Then, on the first play of the possession the Jets ran the ball right up the gut. Following a huge lead block by Wills Kendrick-Holmes, quarterback Gerard Weihe ran for 35 yards on a QB sneak to score the tying touchdown and put the Jets in position to win the game. The extra point would be critical. Finally, after trailing all day and fighting to come back, the Jets did it with a hand-off by James Bloss and a big lead Block by Conrad Perry. Bloss ran a sweep left right into the corner of the end zone for the game winning point. That finished off the Giants for the second time on consecutive days capping off an undefeated season for the Jets with a record of 7-0-1.

In the other mite game played on Saturday the American A-1 Auto Chiefs beat the O’Connor Carpet Bears 12 to 0.

Pee Wee Division

The Silvestri Carpet Spartans and the Kleen-Awn Blue Devils played at Maritime College on Saturday to see who would win the Warrior Pee Wee Division. The Spartans were in this same position last year but lost to the Ramblers. This they would not be denied, they defeated the Blue Devils 27 to 7. The Spartans started the game with Joseph Silvestri recovering the opening kick-off fumble the led to Jordan Dabkowski’s first touchdown of the game. Ski scored on a 13-yard run with Sean Vanegas adding the extra point. Jordan would not be done, behind the outstanding blocking of Silvestri, Ski scored twice more, one on a 60-yard run, with Christopher Campuzano adding the extra point on a quarterback keeper and the other on an 80-yard dash breaking at least four tackles on the way to the end zone. This extra point was made by William Espinal on a pass from Campuzano. To end the Spartan scoring, Mr. Dabkowski put on a show late in the game by zigzagging, breaking tackles and running over 85-yards to the end zone. Jordan had his best day as a Warrior; he ran for over 300 yards and scored four touchdowns on the day. The Spartans defense came to play also. Their great play kept the high scoring Blue Devils to only seven points. Leading the way was Joseph Aparicio with a sack, Espinal with three tackles for losses, Enrique Santiago with a touchdown saving tackle, Nicholas Zayas and Nicholas Gennarelli with tackles behind the line of scrimmage.

The Blue Devils came out hard and played great on offense. The Blue Devils only score was made by Richard Mameli on a 45-yard run down the side line. Eric Berrios played well all game long leading the Devils offensive attack. Solid defensive play was turned in by Diana Velez, Billy Rueger, Bo Kendrick-Holmes, Stephen Ramon and Robert Roman. Hopefully the Blue Devils will come out strong and ready to play in the last game of the season next week and finish the season with a win.

The other peewee games played on Saturday, Anthony’s Collision Redskins beat the Jimmy Ryan’s Crusaders 6 to 0 and The Food Factory Ramblers beat the Dr. David Stevens Steelers 27 to 6.

On Sunday, Anthony’s Collision Redskins beat The Food Factory Ramblers 6 to 0.

The second Sunday saw the Silvestri Carpet Spartans keep their unbeaten season in tack as they defeated the Dr. David Stevens Steelers 18 to 7. For the Spartans on offense, Joseph Silvestri had a great day catching the ball and running after the catch. Credit quarterback Christopher Campuzano on getting the ball to Silvestri. Sean Vanegas had a monstrous day running for over 100-yards for the day. Jeremy Dabkowski and William Espinal chipped in with some solid runs. Lets us remember all this offense could not be possible if not for the big guys up front, Joseph Aparicio, Nicholas Gennarelli, Theodore ”Tank” Czerniewski, Frank Pinto and Anthony Russo all played a excellent game. On defense, Majhani McLeod, Kamhan McLeod, Enrique Santiago and Nicholas Zayas played a solid game keeping the Steelers to only one score.

Junior Division

With first place at stake the Giordano F. H. Saints and the Balsamo’s F. H. Javelins squared off at Maritime College to decide who would be the 2009 junior division champs. The Saints came out on top 25 to 6. The Saints Jeremy Vega ran for 156 yards on 16 carries, four carries were for first downs. He also ran for three touchdowns on the day including a 45 yard run, a 40 yard run and a 2 yard TD run. David Rivas-Torres ran for 96 yards on 13 carries. Rivas-Torres ran for two first downs and had a 56 yard touchdown. The Saints defense played a solid game of football. Jeremy Vega and defensive end Justin Hernandez shut down the Javelins outside running game. Hernandez had three open field tackles one of which when he alone tackle the Javelins running back with three blockers trying stop him. Anthony Martinez had two fumble recoveries. Paget Bramble had a fumble recovery which he returned for 30 yards. Jose Detres had many big tackles for losses in the backfield. One sack was recorded by the Saints entire defensive line, Osiris Rolling, Tyron Ingram, Justin Mogg, and Christian Zardoya.

The Javelins only touchdown was scored by Jayson Ramos on a 55-yard run in the second quarter behind the solid blocking of Tremaine Whitaker, Nelson Rivera, James Glenn and Corey Gonzalez. The Javelins defense was led by Antonio Arroyo who made some outstanding tackles.

This was the last game for the Junior Division.

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