Veterinary center selects Westchester Square location

Westchester Square will soon be home to the newest branch of the Bronx Veterinary Center.
Photo Courtesy of Robert Christie

Westchester Square will soon be home to the newest branch of the Bronx Veterinary Center.

The center, which will sit at 66 Westchester Square, is the company’s second location providing the veterinary services of Dr. Stephen Katz, his wife Nicole and their team.

Katz, whose other BVC location is in West Farms, said he’s always viewed Westchester Square as a possible destination.

“We love Westchester Square,” he said. “It’s a great area that’s thriving, growing and improving.”

“From the time I first began working in the Bronx 22 years ago,” he continued,” I knew that Westchester Square was a place I would ultimately want to be a part of.”

Domenica Furnari, the assistant manager at the BVC, shared Katz’ view of Westchester Square.

“This was just an area where I felt like we can flourish,” said Furnari who lived in the area for most of her life before recently moving with her husband.

Katz’s first Bronx operation was the Concourse Animal Hospital in 1995.

In 2010, he moved the hospital and made it the first Bronx Veterinary Center on Webster Avenue in West Farms.

Katz always felt the Bronx was underserved in animal health care.

“For me this is sort of playing catch up with the population,” Katz said of opening another center.

The doctor said the BVC strives to make sure taking care of pets isn’t a huge financial burden to pet owners.

“Basically we are giving 5th Avenue care at prices that are absolutely affordable to people of the Bronx,” said Katz.

Furnari said taking care of pets can be costly but it shouldn’t consume pet owners.

“Once you take on that responsibility it does come with some costs,” she said. “But at the same time you don’t want to be spending huge amounts of money that you don’t have any left over to enjoy the time with your pet.”

She added, “Good care at a reasonable cost is not unreasonable to ask for.”

Katz said the hospital provides “the highest level of quality service imaginable” while using state of the art medicine and 21st century technology.

He also said the center provides a host of services including, digital radiology, digital dental radiology, ultrasounds, platelet rich therapies for various conditions, and genetic testing.

In addition, the center provides vaccinations and performs major surgeries if necessary.

Lisa Sorin, president of the Westchester Square Business Improvement District, was pleased to have the BVC moving into the neighborhood.

She said the BVC would be a solid addition to Zoo-Rama Pets on East Tremont Avenue and the Petland at 25 Westchester Square.

She said adding the center would be a “perfect match.”

“It’s almost like they heard our call,” said Sorin.

The BID president added the BVC will also attract people with pets who don’t live in the area and allow them to get to know Westchester Square.

Construction on the new veterinary hospital began in early March.

The location was formerly occupied by a 99 cents store.

Katz is expecting the hospital to open by the second week of April.

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