Veteran auxiliary cop dies at 46

Scott Michael Giangregorio, holding an honorary plaque while surrounded by auxiliary unit officers, died at age 46.
Photo courtesy of Hazel Miura

Scott Michael “Scotty” Giangregorio, a veteran NYPD auxiliary police deputy inspector with 49th Precinct volunteer unit, died Jan. 28 at Montefiore Medical Center from pneumonia. He was 46.

Precinct Captain Lorenzo Johnson announced his passing at the Jan. 29 precinct community council meeting to a stunned crowd.

“There will not be a day that goes by that he will not be missed,” said Johnson.

Giangregorio joined the auxiliary police at age 19, serving for 27 years, overseeing 50-60 auxiliaries at the precinct.

“He got to be the police officer he always wanted to be,” said sister Tracy Lanzana.

“We were in awe of him,” said Auxiliary Lieutenant Hazel Miura, a close friend of Giangregorio, who first met him when she and 11 other recruits were assigned to the unit fresh off training. “Scotty knew the guidebook frontwards and backwards.”

He also knew the neighborhood, having grown so accostomed to it that when his diabetes cost him his vision, he wasn’t fazed by it.

“This guy could tell you who was coming down the hallway by their footsteps,” Miura said, lauding his strong work ethic even as his health waned. “He never missed a day of work.”

“He would always be there for you, he would give you good advice, he would always teach us how to be good auxiliary officers,” she said.

Giangregorio was waked at Dormi and Sons Funeral Home Jan. 31, with services at St. Claire’s Church the next day, and burial at St. Raymond’s Cemetery.

He is survived by his brother, sister, brother-in-law and members of the Four-Nine.

“We’re gonna be in mourning for a long time,” said Miura.

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